Judicial Canings 3 – PAIN4FEM

3 May

M/2f;  year:2008;  time: 50 minutes

A wicked and delicious series, each a little different, and exquisitely well-made; reasonable acting, perfect detailed sets,unblemished lighting and sound, stunning models, and always realistic toe-curling spankings.

Actresses Dominika and Pamela play Simone and Beata, two gorgeous brunette roommates. The film opens with them sunbathing at home in conventional bikinis. Bras come off for suntan lotion and a first-class nude scene. Stunning models.

Simone goes to get the mail. Two letters have arrived from the ‘State.’ A dormant shoplifting charge against the girls can be resolved by a choice: 6 months in jail or 40 strokes of the cane. After the shock abates, the girls mull and debate–they select the caning and at the designated “next Friday,” and they’ll go together for support. P4F does a nice job of showing the anxious girls’ faces in each of these films as they make their fateful choice.

The girls report together to the State clinic. A blond female medical attendant, Helen,  receives them. There, in the center of an antiseptic treatment room, is the caning bench, the inverted “V” shape seen in CP film lore, beautifully padded in white, with straps hanging at the ready.

Beata will go first; Simone is sent out to the waiting room. She signs waivers then is asked to remove her blouse, no bra; her gorgeous breasts leap out and gleam pink in the bright white room. All P4F models have perfect figures. Helen slowly takes her pulse and listens to her heart and breathing while we sit and stare. Next her blood pressure at the desk.

Topless Beata stands to take off  her skirt and peels down her thong. Stunning bare body with a nifty little mohawk in this intimidating room. She is given an unusual choice of postures–lying down or bending over. She’ll take the bench.But first she piddles in a commode sitting open in the room, while we watch. Helen  fastens wrist cuffs. With a little nudge, Beata climbs up onto the bench and wiggles forward without prompting so her bare bottom rests high near the pinnacle of the arch. Very sexy ritual, excellent tension. Helen  carefully fastens her wrist cuffs today  hooks, straps down her ankles, thighs open,then pulls another strap across her lower back.

Then, with slow deliberation, Helen sits at her desk, the nude victim helpless and waiting. After a moment, Helen spreads a clear lotion on Beata’s buttocks and thighs. She makes a phone call. The girl is ready. Entrez actor Peter Schober, the indominable P4F disciplinarian/actor/producer/writer/financier, wearing the ever-intimidating white doctor’s smock.  He shares our pleasure in seeing the pink plump bottom strapped down in position, and carefully selects a cane from a wall display, quite in the manner of picking a pool cue from a barroom rack.

After a swoosh or two and measurement of distance, Peter lays on the first stroke, brought from high over his head. Beata squeals and bucks against her straps. The first stroke in any P4F film provides climactic release to the tense ritual buildup. It begins. 40 strokes can be counted. Tears and a very puffy red and unhappy face halfway through. “Yeoww…” (the European equivalent thereof). Simone is seen cowering in the waiting room as she hears the squeals. This bench position allows for unusual attention to the high-thigh and the underside of the buttock, tender stuff.

Helen stops Schober at 40–the demon probably would have kept going–he would have had our endorsement. He leaves, Helen anoints the striped and welted bottom again, unfastens the straps, and Beata dresses–slowly and painfully, keeping her assets exposed to the camera.

Simone Novatna is called in and given the same exam, strips to nudity, and tinkles in the potty. (Outside, Beata paces and can’t bring herself to sit down.) Simone elects her posture. “I’ll stand.” She is strapped to a board, elevated for her bottom, and sloped lower at the other end, so that she is stretched, buttocks at waist height. Knees wide, more revealing.  Matron Helen binds her long hair, really for the purpose of keeping her face exposed to the camera.

Master Schober is summoned. 40 strokes are delivered. This posture puts terrible emphasis on the thighs. This caning seems slightly milder than for Beata, but skin is broken in several places. The same conclusion–more salve lotions, a painful dressing and retreat.

P4F adds five minutes of slow-motion replays of the best scenes, from which there were many to select. We reiterate–the repetitive plot, of this series, of all the ‘spanking machine’ series, is fine with us, given the erotic detail, gorgeous subjects, and naughty little variations. Toes curl. And we’ve said in places, P4F emerged as the best custodian of the NU-WEST imagination.

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