Resolved By Corporal Punishment #1 – RAVEN HILL

3 May

M/f; time: 29 minutes

Over the years we have narrowed our interests in Raven Hill Studios to ‘Beach Girl Spankings,’  and this series, because, and this is personal to us as amateurs, we find the corny acting of founders/actors/producers
Richard Lewis and Tierre Ainese best suited to these pseudo-documentary formats. And, is it our imagination? the spankings seem more spirited.

The premise here is fruitful for exploitation–in fact, Raven Hill went on to make several dozen of these, intensifying, improving, and experimenting in the process. The ‘Raven Hill Institute’ prowls the halls of justice in search of young girls in trouble, then intercedes, offering the exchange of a filmed bare-bottom spanking in return for reimbursement of the financial dispute, in lieu of a court record.

In this initial performance, chunky brunette non-model type ‘Rachel Morris’ has been charged with bouncing checks to buy used furniture. She accepts the RHI deal and is brought to the Institute by limousine, where director Richard Lewis explains the process–“three genuine punishment spankings,” necessarily on the bare bottom, and filmed. The film crew rustles on-set and occasionally chimes in.

There is brief erotic build-up as Rachel describes spankings in her youth. “I can’t believe people will pay to watch me get spanked.” Lewis, his histrionic acting rampant, is surely eager to get her pants off. He explains the phases, OTK for 5 minutes, hairbrush for 5 minutes, and (almost apologetically), 25 strokes of the cane.

As this series evolves, Raven Hill comes up with comical props, satisfying the irrepressible sardonic humorous instincts of Tierre A, as if the parade of bottoms he will have won’t be enough. In this first performance, RH will measure the 5-minute spanking intervals with an hourglass with globes the size of cantaloupes, torture for the poor girl watching the sands drain all too slowly.

Rachel signs the agreement–she’ll be spanked on-camera in return for a clear record. A ‘Mr. Fields’ is brought in–he will perform the spanking in this first episode. Rachel almost eagerly drops her jeans and panties and gets over Fields’ lap.

The handspanking is slow, mild to moderate, and seemingly silly, except it goes for a full five minutes, realtime–little talking, stalling,etc. She is soon yelling, “I’m sorry…I’m sorry.” Good camera angles of the reddening bottom together with the hourglass draining. At the first intermission, Rachel has to bend over the desk for a quite intimate examination of progress so far.

The hairbrush phase duplicates the procedure. Mild smacks with the hard wood begin to aggregate. Fields works his knee between Rachel’s legs to steady the wiggling target. Characteristic circle bruises develop and Fields seeks more pink regions of her cheeks. The examination over the desk illustrates how effective he was.

For the cane phase, a single-purpose padded table is ceremoniously positioned. Rachel quickly bends over it and grabs the legs. She is required to submissively request each cane stroke then count aloud the total. Once again, mild x 25 = mission accomplished.

Rachel gives a short, tearful interview to conclude, and Tierre makes a little speech in this ‘documentary,’ recommending spanking for conflict resolution. “Don’t take them to court, take them over your knee.”  He forgot to say, PANTS DOWN.


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