Temperature Rising/Rising Higher – STRICTLY ENGLISH

3 May

MF/2f;  year: 1996;  time: 1 hr, 20 minutes

Strictly English originally marketed two films here and digitized them in 2005. Our copy was beautiful, the CP actresses Tiffany Jones and Lucy Bailey, transcendently pink and perfect. If you like doctors and nurses, this film will please. It is not harsh or aggressive, but Ms.’ Jones and Bailey are both experienced CP actresses and possess top of the line glamorous chassis.

‘Nurse’ (svelte thin brunette Tiffany, with her dancer’s body) works about in the surgery, then sensuously prepares a gurney, raises her skirt and drops her white panties, lies over two pillows under her bottom, and waits. ‘Sister’ (blond Lucy Biailey) enters for what is clearly a little spanking assignation they have arranged. Sister starts a slow handspanking, mixed with fondling, and bottom-pulling and squeezing, to the delight of Nurse.

Well into the film, the first dialogue. “I’m going to be seeing more and more of you,” Sister says to Nurse. She pulls a hairbrush for her uniform pocket and cracks Nurse’s bottom, loud, sharp, and hard. “I’m really beginning to think you are enjoying these sessions.”

A male doctor, a Strictly English regular, enters. Sister is just able to cover Nurse’s bottom as she reclines on the gurney. “I was just taking her temperature.” Nurse wants to get up, but no, the doctor stops her. “Let’s have a look.”  “Hello!” he exclaims at the sight of her red cheeks. “Sister was spanking you, yes?”

Doctor calls Sister back in, threatens their jobs, and offers “unofficial” discipline. Sister bends over the gurney, skirt up, she too wears beautifully fitted high-cut white nylon panties. Nurse says Sister used a hairbrush, so the doctor sends Nurse to Sister’s quarters to get one, which mission Sister tries to prevent, because things will be found there.

Doctor takes Sister OTK for a hard handspanking. It sounds as if they had conspired to entrap Nurse into this little spanking menage. As the discussion and spanking proceeds, the actress Ms. Bailey kicks her high heels, her bare bottom framed in garters and stockings.

Nurse returns with a hairbrush AND a large satchel full of spanking implements. Revealed! Sister is a spanko, and now the doctor has blue water in front of him. He ‘tests’ the temperature of her bottom with a heat strip. We had hoped he anted to be more precise. Lucy’s bottom is fully pink–it has been a long spanking. She has beautiful, high, round cheeks, perfect as you would ever desire, and just a tad bigger for the proportions of her figure than prototype, of course qualifying her for special interest as a CP model.

The first segment ends with Ms. Bailey slowly pulling her panties back in place.

When ‘Temperature Rising Higher’ begins, this menage has turned into two horny girls and a horny doctor doing spanking games. When he sees the bag of tools: “These are very interesting. Are these surgical insruments?”

Sister is bent over the gurney; never too much of that glorious bottom.  Nurse gets to whack at Sister with the hairbrush–hard and loud, but everyone is excited now. Doctor takes over, Lucy kneels on the gurney, for paddling from both of them. [Ms. Jones has a persistent cough and no one did much editing–don’t recall seeing a sick model before. We guess when your agent calls, you go.]

Bottom on pillows again–love this postion–first a big round paddle from the bag. Then a tawse-like strap, with Sister kneeling, knees spread, head flat on the table, one of the most revealing positions. “Stick it out…when I operate I like the patient to be still.” Some slippering on the pillows. Nurse finishes her off; Ms. Bailey has a sweet trait of slightly offering her bottom for each stroke.

The doctor checks her buttocks again with his heat strip–both cheeks are 102 degrees, not hot enough for him. A  fast paddling  brings her to the reading he wants, so he directs Nurse to cream her with lotion. He notices Nurse is a little too sensual and experienced about it. “We need to have a little talk.” Sister Ms. Bailey is released.

The doctor confronts Nurse about her erotic interest and that bag of implements. Over the table, he yanks her panties down for handspanking, onto the pillows, a long spanking. Sister rejoins and checks between Nurse’s legs. “She’s definitely enjoying herself!”

After both the doctor and Sister smack Nurse, Sister helps her off with her uniform, down to bra and stockings. During a paddling on the gurney, we spy vaginal jewelry, as Ms. jones writhes about. Sister has unbuttoned her own uniform while we weren’t looking, and when doctor helps her shrug it off, he’s got two magnificent mostly naked health care workers.

More paddling for Nurse. When Sister unsnaps Nurse’s bra, her breasts with pierced nipples dangle. Both girls are loving all this. Nurse is helped into the diaper position and spreads her legs for a see-all. After Sister creams Nurse, she signals the climax (in case you need one): “I do think there is something missing on this bottom….no stripes!”)

Lithe glamorous naked Nurse leans over the table. Sister and doctor each lay on 6 snappy strokes of the cane. Sister drops her own panties and sets her bare bottom beside Nurse, and doctor moves from bottom to bottom with his cane. To conclude, he checks both buttocks with a flashlight, then  (partially) inserts two rectal thermometers, cute but too quick to be convincing. We woud have preferred a little trial-and-error.

The girls have been glancing back at us periodically to see if we’e having a good time. The girls are finished and dress slowly, pulling on glorious white knickers in closeup.

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