Warden’s End – JANUS

3 May

M/f;  year: late 1970’s; time: 9 minutes

An historic document, one of the first JANUS films; George Harrison Marks exercises his naughty imagination and films a little ditty inside the Janus Bookshop. The film contains germs of all the erotic elements of good CP. Traffic warden actress Linzi Drew tickets a car parked on the sidewalk in front of the shop and follows the protesting young male driver inside.

What is this place? The warden is fascinated with the merchandise in the ‘sex shop’ but not impressed by the concept of spanking. The guy suggests she could make a lot more money modeling in CP than on the police squad. She should audition…”here..now…take off your skirt.” The warden is not bashful–we have only 9 minutes. Off with her skirt to display black transparent knickers and garter belt.

“Bend over here….very nice.” We agree. Ms. Drew made a few early films for Kane and CalStar. He pulls those knickers down and begins handspanking harder and harder. “I don’t like it…it hurts.” Harrison Marks is the director–the camera shoots up her long legs at her high swelling buttocks.

The guy selects a cane from the sales display and begins tapping away. “It’s like being in school,” she says, although she was never bare-bottom and doesn’t know what’s coming. The guy begins caning much harder and very rapidly. Ms. Drew twists and surges.

She has second thoughts by this time. “I’d rather be a traffic warden.”

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