Medical Misdemeanors – STRICTLYMISSBROWN

8 May

MF/2fm;  year: 2010; time: 54 minutes

By now we have reviewed other films from ‘Miss Brown’s’ new film company. This was the first one we saw. As amateur observers, we became fascinated with Miss Brown’s style. These new films, for us, capture the charm of the British plot-driven CP fetish stories from a few decades ago, with vastly improved production techniques. Portable cameras now facilitate scene changes. And with Miss Brown on the scene, the exquisite little erotic cues for a good punishment spanking are not overlooked.

Excellent and professional reviews are found on her website. Actress Charlie Sinclair, as Miss Jayney, brings student ‘Ellen,’ played by Ellen May Davis (we think ‘Rebecca’ elsewhere) to the school surgery or infirmary, on the pretext of needing a physical exam. Jayney is in league with ‘Dr. Hampton,’ played by Marcus Allen, to have some fun with this girl. He wears the perfect lab coat.


“I’ve brought you a nice young thing.” They toast with a vodka. “Bottoms up,” says Jayney. “Bottoms up, indeed,” replies Hampton. While they cavort, Ellen sits fidgeting on a plastic chair in the reception area. Before they bring Ellen in, Jayney strips down to bra, thong, and garter belt for a little session of her own, a teasing spanking and caning. Tall svelte Ms. Sinclair reminds us of a lithe Miss Brown in her archival films.


Ellen has heard the spanking noises. She is called into the surgery, looking marvelously worried about what might happen to her. Jayney undresses her, down to her panties. Hampton will examine her and checks her heartbeat with his stethoscope, actually lifting each breast to listen underneath, admirably thorough, we thought. They help her off with her knickers and will spank her. Excellent closeups–Ms. Ellen wears pussy rings.


In walks headmistress Miss Brown, incredulous at mostly naked Ellen bent over the examining table. “What the hell is going  on here….Dr Hampton?” scowls Brown, in her patented, intimidating, commanding, humiliating style. Makes the skin crawl on a girl’s bottom, and in this case, Doctor Hampton’s! Jayney runs off. Brown paces and scolds. Hampton works for her and knows what’s coming.


She finds the vodka and the spanking implements in his cabinet. “You have interesting things in here, doctor…” and after a long pause and icy stares, “we’ll keep this in-house…we’re going to have to teach you a lesson, aren’t we, Dr. Hampton?” We begin a full-fledged F/m discipline session. With a tawse, the lefty precise Miss Brown tawses Hampton’s palm with full strokes.

“Take your coat off.” She slowly opens his pants in classic porn style, but for this genre she doesn’t reach inside. Hampton drops his pants and shorts and bends over the table. Ellen, who has  taken the opportunity to hurriedly get her clothes back on, is brought back and given quite a vantage point to watch the action, adding to  Hampton’s humiliation. “You know I am going to strap you, and cane you….really really hard.”

Miss Brown lays on a series with a strap, then 12 with a cane, and a concluding sonorous rapid-fire six. Hampton has to count aloud. He is stoic–his butt takes an undeniable beating–blood flecks, wheals, and white lines. Lefty Miss Brown bears down with full-force strokes, no quarter given. “Next time I won’t be so lenient.”


Miss Brown turns on Ellen, sure she is part of this prurient conspiracy. “I want your school uniform off.”  “Why?” We learn Miss Jayney is a procurer of students for Hampton’s surgery. She brings in unsuspecting schoolgirls.


Hampton returns and adjusts the surgery chair to serve as a spanking bench. “Bend right over, girl.” Ellen yelps as she counts out the paddle sequence, legs spread, boobs hang, oblique view–the full details from this experienced film crew. Brown even urges her to keep her back concave to force the buttocks out.54186647-b759-496c-92a4-bbd2d25ab61e11e0c510-cfb5-498c-aa24-be5b111da8aa

Ellen jumps as Brown wooshes the cane. Naked but for knee socks and maryjanes, she is going to be caned until she admits why she came to the surgery. “Stick that bottom out…I shall keep going, young lady.” After 25 hard zingers, Ellen chokes out, “Miss Jayney brought me.”


Mission accomplished. This film contains the entire collection of erotic direction–nervous anticipation, humiliation, shock, nudity. A fully equipped infirmary, correct clothing, excellent lighting, and sound. And of course Miss Brown, trim–determined, resourceful, and goal-directed.

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