Video Verite – ROUE

8 May

M/2f;   time: 30 minutes

An ageplay over-the-lap spanking viewed completely through a peephole in the ceiling. One of the Roue ‘uncle’ characters is belaboring the bottoms of two young ladies, the second of whom ends up quite naked by the conclusion of the film. There are a number of these voyeur films–from Blushes, Roue, CalStar, and Lupus, to name some we’ve seen, where the spankings are shot through gauzy lenses, open doors, or spycams. Our illicit point of  observation enhances the naughty goings-on, especially when a middle-aged guy, with his Range Rover parked outside, is spanking the bare bottom of a barely legal teenager. We have often wondered who pays whom to act in these films.

While the perspective chosen for this filming may annoy some, it certainly illustrates the sensation of a squirming bare bottom on a spanker’s lap and the erotic embarrassment of the whole enterprise. The spanker may be the actor Alan Bell,an exquisite practitioner of the ageplay technique.

The first girl, a small brunette, is OTK. Bell has worked her knickers down and her blouse up and pins her legs between his. He fondles as he spanks and is getting what amounts to a lap dance. After she bends over the chair to allow her buttocks to be seen from above, she is allowed to go.

The second girl, a raven-haired brunette, will have a longer stay. For whatever she has done, she begs for forgiveness, knowing what is coming. He taps her bottom: “Don’t you ever get tired of paying the price…I spend my weeks looking forward to your excuses.”

“Take off your shoes.”  OTK. “This is what your bottom is for, isn’t it?” The girl is quite expecting to be taken to the max. She is told to take her skirt off. “My top too?” “Leave it on for the moment.” Bell positions a chair and the girl lays across it, her buttocks centered under our secret peephole. He teases down her knickers; it aches to watch. Perfect. He positions her OTK; he has a creampuff on his lap now and under his fingertips. Mild extremely erotic spanking; gentle struggle; sniffles. He moves her bottom around like wet potting clay.

“Get up, stick it out.” He cops a feel as she bends. More OTK.  “Take your knickers [all the way] off.” “What?” She sighs. Now the top has to come off. the vertical angle of the camera still detects sharp high breasts. She is totally submissive. A little more spanking and whimpering and she is allowed to dress and leave.

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