Co-Conspirators 1 – CALSTAR

9 May

F/2f;   time:  55 minutes

We still prefer CP adventures with a bit of story and suspense, such a format tending to be from earlier eras, maybe when the viewer did not demand instant spanking and nasty results. An Irish matron–a practiced, unforgiving, spirited spanker-domme from the  CalStar cast, catches two of her students skylarking and in possession of a fitched bottle of wine. They move from the opening scenes poolside and in a familiar recreation room to an outdoor set, where she intends to punish them and where the lighting and sound are more conducive for the spanking action. 

Why the girls goofed off cleaning the pool–it was too cold outside. “You want to be warmed up? I’ll warm you up.” This means spanking. “We’re too old for that.”

Blond actress Hannah Martin, a cute and oh-so-spankable lass, is the first OTK. Very mild tap-tap spanking. Tight white panties. The panties come down, but it takes a while of them to reach Hannah’s knees. long slow handspanking. Mild stuff, but it is a joy to watch her struggle. “Miss, it’s really hot now,” Hannah begs. There is a lot of schoolgirl under her blouse, we note for later. Hannah stands and pulls her knickers back up and hands over her skirt on order. The matron makes her do PT–star jumps, and toe-touches,  and pulls her pants back down. “Do it faster or I will have your blouse off.”

To the other girl, brunette actress Gina Moon, “Unless you speak only when you are spoken too, you’ll be doing this totally in the nude.” Back to Hannah, a big floppy paddle hurts more than they expected, so they stop and Hannah bends over the padded spanking trestle we have seen in one office or another. “See if that makes you more comfortable.” The paddling continues–Hannah needs rests, because she can’t wiggle out of the way. “Wiping that smile off you face, heh?…you’re quieting down.”

Hannah stands to hand over her blouse and necktie but retains her bra. She flashes her fuzzy front and takes some smirky plaeasure in her nudity. Back over for the cane, her panties puddled. About 15 snappy moderate strokes, repeats included; the strokes are spaced so we can watch the welts ripen between shots.

Brunette Gina Moon goes next–she has had to watch. “Two conspirators, you!” Same spanking on the couch. Blue knickers down. “Not the bare bottom!” cries the experienced CP actress. She stands and takes her shirt off and does her version of PT. She raises her blouse without a prompt so we can see her bouncing buttocks. After a fuzzy frontal flash, “Bend over the trestle now.”  One paddle, then “we’ll go to the harder one.” The hardest spanking yet–a third larger, thicker paddle actually draws some blood flecks, from the thick leather tip.

“I think your bottom is nice and warmed up for the cane.” “Not the cane, please.” About 30 strokes are shown with repeats. It is a long and brave session for Ms. Moon. The matron actually acknowledges she has drawn blood. “I burst a little of your bottom.” She ad libs and asks Gina is she knows where to find Mitchell, the school nurse.

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