Private Tuition – ROUE

10 May

M/2f; time: 21 minutes

The classic Roue format, narrowly focussed on schoolgirls, knickers, and ageplay supervisors with unfettered rights to discipline.

Elizabeth, a curly-haired brunette in full school uniform, arrives late at her tutor’s house, and even though it was only 29 seconds by his watch,  it costs her a spanking. OTK she goes for a crisp handspanking on her tight white knickers. The male tutor does not waste time. “I think we’ll have a look at what’s below the panties.” “Aah,”  he exclaims for all of us when her pale buttocks are exposed.

A second female student, Julie, another cute coed with jet black curly hair, arrives and Elizabeth shows her what has just happened to her bottom. Elizabeth is sent off. Julie has forgotten to bring her homework and earns her own turn OTK. “Well, let’s have a look at this bottom.” Julie has small, hard cheeks, with space between the thighs providing almost complete view of her charms. After a brief spanking, both girls are ordered back the following night for more serious attention.

The girls report, in blazer and boaters, and are left to study in the tutor’s room, but instead they snoop and are very much amused when they find his spanking implements. They play his phonograph, dance about, and smoke.

Of course the tutor catches them. When he threatens to report them both to their school headmistress, the girls agree to accept his spanking. He will use “the tawse,” instead of the cane they’d get from the headmistress. But first they must strip to their “underclothes,” and because Julie makes the mistake of objecting, she must strip completely naked.

Julie is a surprise, hidden under that loose-fitting schoolkit, quite well-developed and grown up little lady when she’s nude. She just explodes. Good choice by the scriptwriter to have her forfeit all her clothes. And a great pubic bush circa 1970’s. Elizabeth bends over for the tawse while Julie holds her hands. Then naked Julie is a treat to watch when it is her turn to get her brief tawsing.

“Let that be a lesson to you both.” This brief film is more about schoolgirl humilation and subjugation than hard discipline. Need one of those tutoring jobs.

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