The Glamour of Old Times – LUPUS

10 May

F/f; time: 27 minutes

A trifle by LUPUS/RIGIDEAST‘s theatrical standard. Alexandra Wolf stars as a severe Madame and Adela Valkova as a careless maid. Pavel Stastny is credited as the screenwriter and producer, so we know there will be tears. No actress gets a break when he is on the set.

Ms. Wolf reads and smokes in her Victorian Period parlor and hears the crash of crockery in the kitchen. The furnishings and clothing are full-scale Victorian. In the kitchen, Adela stares down in horror at the breakage, because she knows this means an automatic whipping. Madame confronts Adela on the scene, surveys the damage, but says nothing. There will be no dialogue in this entire film, and virtually no sound except the international language of desperate little squeals from Adela.

Adela will report to the Madame. She tidies her maid’s clothing–practical working garments as compared to Halloween maid costumes seen in many CP films. She appears in front of the Madame, presenting a martinet coiled on a silver tray, tears on her cheeks. Powerful tension.

Adela has been here before. In silence, she positions two chairs about 5 feet apart, raises her skirt, and lowers her bloomers, then assumes an arabesque position, hands on one chair back and one leg out straight and foot resting on the other chair back, placing her bare bottom high and centered. She holds this strenuous position and awaits her fate.

The Madame begins a slow, silent flogging, full overhead swings strike her buttocks and thighs. Tearful facials inserted. Welts gradually develop. Madame uses the hard butt handle of the martinet to coax improvement of Adela’s sagging posture.

Because such a slashing whipping has necessarily concentrated on her nearest buttock, Adela is signaled to reverse positions, all accomplished without hesitation or equivocation. Madame is cruel and maids get spanked in this house.

The whipping is repeated on the less-welted cheek. Adela’s whimpering intensifies. More facials of a desperate tearful young lady. At the conclusion she is allowed to stand. She courtseys and kisses the Madame’s hand for forgiveness.

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