Detention House 3 Whose Bread You Eat – LUPUS/RIGID EAST

25 May

MF/3f; time: 40 minutes

Another detailed film in the series, as kinky and bizarre as we can recall from LUPJS/RIGIDEAST, as if the producers need to keep increasing their intensity to satisfy their customer. Ourselves, we’d be perfectly content with improvisations on the abundant spanking scenarios they already explore. The subtitle: “Whose bread you eat, his song you sing,” summarizes this story.

The film begins as a conventional schoolgirl CP drama. A Headmistress’s school faces financial trouble. a male benefactor, Board-of-Directors type, makes a financial arrangement with her. He conjures up dissatisfaction with the deportment and dress of some of the students so, we will see, he can participate in their discipline.

The Headmistress calls in three stunningly cute and demure girls for scolding. It has often been pondered where LUPUS finds these actresses. This acquisition is a bonanza. The girls are dressed in school pinafores and hang their heads in shame. When the Headmistress announces the girls are to report to the “questor” tomorrow morning, they look up in shock, as the soundtrack plays subtle gothic horror music.

“Questor” appeared in the subtitles and probably refers to an inquisitor or accuser. The next morning the Headmistress checks the girls into the school infirmary. A matron in full scrubs and mask looms ominously. The sweet young girls strip naked and put on wholly inadequate gowns–too short, and open in the back, in the group undressing scene LUPUS replicates so well. The gowns are scandalous rear-tied baby doll shorties which don’t reach the waist and wouldn’t serve any purpose except to create erections amongst the hospital staff. Lovely exposure front and rear for all three.

Enema time, in about the best depiction of the process we ever recall seeing. No hokey theatrics. The tension of the scene is heightened because it is clear it will be unpleasant, and the girls are reluctant and unwilling, but submissive and resigned. The two blondes and the brunette lean against a wall in the ‘frisk’ position, legs spread. The nightie/gowns  ride up and fall away, their innocent pigtails hang down, and charms are on full idsplay for all three. LUPUS rings every erotic chime in this scene.

The girls each stand at a station–the enema cannister and hose are attached to the wall above them. The rubber-gloved, masked matron moves from girl to girl, lubricates and inserts a black nozzle at the end of a thick hose, more of a garden size than surgical. Very interesting replication of obsolete, Victorian purging apparatus. She manipulates the nozzle until the girls’ resistent buttocks close around it, extremely  erotic and done slowly in closeup. The third girl is tense, so the nozzle needs to be worked and reworked, in case we need any more tension ourselves.

Preparations complete, the masked matron opens the valves and the girls begin gyrating realistically, as the matron and headmistress look on, waiting realtime for matters to take their course.w The girls’ acting will add another inch to your interest–they moan, twist their bottoms, grimace, and breathe heavily. Lovely facials of each girl’s personal and separate discomfort.

Cut to later: The next phase of this exquisite punishment—the girls have been secured in bondage posture unique to LUPUS, on a bench board sticking out of the wall, totally naked, splayed on their backs, diaper position, their ankles manacled above to wall hooks, wrists fastened at their sides, legs pulled wide so their faces are visible in the divide; and of course their anal and genital areas are probably more esposed than even a doctor would need.

Cut to a scene where the male ‘Director’ examines his cabinet collection of spanking implements. He selects an 18″ wooden stirring spoon with a saucer-sized head and a hole in the center. He smacks his own palm and winces.

He enters the punishment room. The girls rattle in their chains in their anxiety at this male interloper and their horrendous exposure, and seem to recognize the spoon and its purpose. The Director spanks each girl, one at a time. Immediate round, angry marks, and screaming from the first smack.; One girl marks up particularly. Since this posture completely exposes the thighs, well, why not, he gives them their share. He surveys his work and decides to spank the girls again–they scream when they realize this is not over.

In the medical room, the matron has been mixing a paste with a mortar and pestle; it will not be a gentle salve, we can see by her repulsed expression, but it looks like an enhanced version of salted kitchen fat, sure to sting like the dickens. The Director collects the potion and serves a plentiful dollop on each girl’s vagina. Screams immediately. With a gloved hand, he spreads the goop over their raw bottoms and leaves the room, to their chorus of wailing.

Back in the Headmistress’ office, she acknowledges the Director’s generous gift to the school. He offers another, and even raises the ante. The Headmistress smiles. She knows how to keep the school functioning.

There is always a naughty student to be found. We’d like to imagine they went to a window and selected a pretty girl in the schoolyard. Soon we see the Director entering the punishment room again, spoon at the ready, where another naked girl has been fastened to the contraption, mystified. She screams when she sees what he is carrying.

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