Tales From the Rod 2 – CALSTAR

25 May

M/f; M/f;  time: 58 minutes

Two unrelated stories; a familiar CALSTAR male spanker plays ‘Charlie Carrington,’ who runs an escort agency. Maybe this actor writes his own scripts–he likes institutional settings, aupair placement, immigration, etc. Young girls in trouble. Actress Trudi Baxter plays ‘Melody,’ applying for a job. We see her call at his office.  At this agency, “We provide special services…spanking…firm young bottoms bent over.”

Carrington interviews Melody. She was spanked as a child by her father. She was turned on. “Really? He took your panties right off?” Melody wears blue slacks and a white blouse, bare midriff. “Stand up and show me your bottom.” The pageboy brunette wants the job and drops her slacks, he strokes her white pantied bottom. “Gorgeous, wonderful, pert….you’re only 19?”

Of course we should have a test run. She reluctantly allows herself to go over his lap. Panties down. Slow hard handspanking. He is going to send her out on a job this very afternoon. In closeup, she clenches and relaxes her buttocks. As she rises: “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.” (Time will tell.)

She can earn 500 pds today, but first Carrington wants to test more positions. Over a table, harder handspanking–Melody breathes heavily and Carrington can’t keep his hands off her tush.

She will get a few hours to recover before her first afternoon delight. He calls client ‘Douglas,’ and describes the new morsel he can offer.

New scene: Melody has returned from her appointment with Douglas. She wears a black lace teddy, garter belt, stockings, and heels, we assume the uniform around the agency. The appointment did not go well and she has lied about it. She would not let the man spank, whip, and cane her. Carrington checks her bottom–nobody is shy around here–“These are only spanking marks.”

So Carrington will have his fun. She bends over the couch and he whips with a long soft martinet. “Get your knees apart.” Not hard but sensuous. “Oh, oh, OK….I’ll do anything.”

He reaches between her legs to seach for and then unsnap her teddy in the crotch, taking a second  or two longer than needed. He pulls the teddy over her head and uses it to tie her wrists behind her back, providing a touch of soft bondage not seen frequently in British CP. Erotic meter up  a few pegs. She’s nude. “Are you ready for the cane?”

Thirty strokes are shown, not hard but sexy, as Melody shifts to keep balance with her arms tied behind her back. Notable welts; Carrington kisses and licks her blushing bottom and between her legs.

Untied, Melody, totally naked, climbs onto the bed. Carrington: “I think you should get a little reward.” After more closeups of her bruised bottom and sweet unhappy face and another round of very unboss-like kissing and licking from Carrington, and a creaming of her bottom and thighs, she rolls onto her back, displaying a huge untrimmed thatch of pubic fuzz.

Carrington rubs more lotion on her breasts and stomach. Melody keeps her legs together, slightly defensive, probably fighting instinct to open up. She kneels up on the bed, head low, knees wide, doggy style, she-know-why. Carrington unbuttons his shirt and opens his belt as the scene fades.

The second segment was released as ‘Mrs. Armstong, which we will review. It features the actress Sarah Jane Hamilton. We hope you share our view that this maddeningly erotic actress should be spanked each and every day,by somebody, anybody, by a machine.

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