Day of Reckoning – CALSTAR

26 May

M/f; time: 51 minutes

A playful deviation from the conventional mock punishment scenario. American actress Julie Juggs, aptly monikered, writhes mostly naked on her waterbed. British CP actor Anthony Lawton tries to get her up for work. They decide she should call in sick. They will spend the rest of the film on and around the bed–Julie getting spanked and strapped, in a continual tease. She is a lovely dark-eyed brunette with a burlesque chest outside simple words to describe. But her bottom we can depict–wide, hard, and muscular, with a gap between her thighs she exploits to her advantage.

They tussle, roll, and laugh as Anthony smacks what bottom he can reach. She is a willing participant. She kneels on the undulating waterbed, knees wide, pillow under her stomach, providing sexy, playful views and a large smacking zone for Anthony. Her melons are occasionally flashed.

“You’re hot and wet now,” Anthony observes. In a frontal scene, Julie cradles her breasts and teases down her thong. Anthony smacks away. A posture we love, Julie spreadeagles in a doorway naked, while Anthony slaps with a belt. Some diaper position back on the bed; kneeling on a chair for the belt; more frontal jug play–off with the garter belt and stockings.

CP films do not show what would be the obvious conclusion. Anthony seems to be preparing to get back into bed with her. She is certainly ready and viewers who prefer that sort of thing will be too.

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