Derriere Dynamite – KANE

28 May

4M/ ffff;   time: 42 minutes

Another of the early Kane Magazine live spanking shows, attended by George Harrison Marks  and his merry men. ‘Oscar,’ Sir Larry Greythorpe, and several more men of that certain age we didn’t recognize. While these films may not satisfy the prurient CP fetish interests, they do have a place in British genre film-making in the’70’s and ’80’s, and they emphasize the class distinction part of the English Vice. And, everyone has fun.

CP actresses from the British scene act out spanking fantasies on a nightclub stage before a live audience. We have sought out this Kane series because some of the famous CP models made brief appearances in their natural personas. Dialogue is playful and ad lib.

Actress Luna is mostly naked on stage for a handspanking and the martinet, to cheers and laughter. Oscar delivers a cane and she drops her knickers a second time.

One of the magisterial ageplay actors canes and spanks Suzi Martell to applause.

A lovely brunette is next, spanked to a ‘Sound of Music’ theme, modified, “a rear, a rear, a female rear.” She is eventually nude on stage. “Lizza, you’ve got the part.”

Sir Larry Greythorpe spanks a lovely chestnut-haired girl, helping her off with her clothes.

And Oscar, always frisky and playful, examines the tattoos on his actress. He points to two on her shoulders. “One of these and one of these, we’ll have down here. (her bare bottom).” She kneels for the martinet and the cane.. “It hurts.” “I will do the rubbing,” intones Germanic Oscar. He thinks her bruises tomorrow will take the color of her tattoos.

A very glamorous and tall brunette is next and is joined by a second girl. Both are spanked as Oscar hovers and consults.

And the last vignette, three girls kneel for martinets, appled by several men in a rousing finale to audience cheers.


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