Kaning Krista – CALSTAR

28 May

M/f; time: 30 minutes

An American film, with our warning for these, watch it only if it is easy to do. Krista and a guy (maybe ‘Sir Nik,’) live together. Both are festooned with tattoos, pierced by body jewlry, punk hair, and dressed, well…..you won’t see this across the Pond.

Krista returns from clubbing with a friend and (we’ll call him) Nik is angry. She wants to be forgiven, so he will spank her. OTK, black bikini panties. He spanks very hard, left-handed. Standing, hands-on-chair. “Arch your back.” Krista locks her long legs and the camera shoots from below, nice when the pants come down.

Nik uses a doubled leather strap. Some strokes are very hard. Clothes off–all she was wearing was a skimpy black dress and panties. She kneels on a chair, bends over the back, rests her elbows on a table, putting her bottom high. Nik uses a short flat stick.

In keeping with American CP patterns, there follow some odd positions. naked Krista climbs onto a table, kneels with knees almost 3′ wide, and Nik torments her with a whippy dowell stick, while she keeps her legs spread straight and wide in a “V,” admirably athletic.

After teasing Krista with a longer cane, Nik destroys a houseplant and makes a long switch with a pocket knife from its foliage. She rests her hands on a barstool, locks those memorable long legs again, and takes six strokes from the switch, counted down backwards.

They hug and make up. You should move on.

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