Prison Punishment – CALSTAR

28 May

M/3f; year: 1996; time: 53 minutes

An uneventful earlier CalStar, except for the demonic and inventive methods producers can devise to spank girls on-camera. We hear the voice of actor Michael Dawes as he delivers three girls to Mr. Hunt in the prison workshop, for punishment. In our own school-days, we remember the ‘shop’ teacher made wood paddles and was not a person you wanted to be sent to.

The girls shuffle around in a legitimate-looking workshop. Hunt confronts the girls. two brunettes and a blonde. They are ordered to strip to bra and knickers and put on tabards, smock-like open-sided short covers. He puts the girls to work and spanks and snaps at whatever and whomever’s bottom he can reach.

The blonde sweeps up while Hunt spanks one brunette, actress ‘Karen’ or ‘Jenny Close,’ down the hall on lunch hour from her steady job at Moonglow studios. The tabards need only to be flipped up for access. All three girls bend over the table for smacks. After taking each girl OTK while seated at the table, he leaves them tasks, steps out, and returns with a huge tawse.

All three girls are bent over, panties off, Hunt has pocketed all three wisks of cloth for his collection, and the girls have to tug at smock hems from here on. Utilizing the workplace, the girls climb onto and parade runway-style around the workbench–remember, nobody has pants. He has them pull up their tabards, telling them “humiliation” is part of the punishment. Bottoms and fronts are at his eye-level. The camera pulls back and is elevated for this girlie show.

Afdter he smacks at the tushes vertically up on the table, he helps each  girl step down ladylike on a step stool to the floor. They tidy up again while Hunt gets his canes.

The shortest brunette is taken first. “Why me?” she complains. Each girl will get 20, the others will count them out. Rapid backswing snaps, the girl remains quiet and brave.

The blonde is next and can’t hold still. She breaks at 5 strokes and only gets 10.

Long-legged brunette actress Karen steps up for her turn, the first two girls standing in the shot facing us, tabards pulled up. Karen struggles through her 20 strokes.

Generally, serial canings constitute the climaxof the episode; here, Hunt dutifully makes entries in their punishment logs and has them sign. “The lesson has not finished yet…six more.”

The little blonde tentatively raises her hand and volunteers to go first. Hunt teases with the cane, the strokes are slower and much harder. As the girls’ tabards slip down, he urges them up, for “humiliation,” and for us.

Karen gets her six: “Get your ass up in the air.” And finally, the small brunette, definitely the courageous one. Bottom inspection to conclude. There is a sequel to this ‘Prison Punishment’; more girls sent to Mr. Hunt.



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