29 May


 Domestic discipline, ‘below-stairs,’ we presume; the governess of the house, acting somewhat as a mother to help the widower Master, has access to the bottoms of the daughters, and the young girls who work in the manor. A maid has broken a vase and the governess belabors her bare bottom while two other maids look on, apparently receiving some satisfaction watching the sufferings of their colleagues.

A maid intentionally spills some ink on the desk while the governess is out of the room. Another maid with ink stains on her clothing is brought in, framed for the spill, and made to strip to gymslip, naked from the waist down. Cute little bottom and fuzzy front. The governess spanks her OTK while we cut to the kitchen where another redhead servant pares a ginger root raw in just the right shape. These nasty and erotic little Lupus touches!

The ginger root is brought in on a sterling tray, how Victorian, and it is slowly and carefully inserted in the maid’s anus in closeup, surely to the delight of the house staff spectators (glad for today it’s not them), not the least of whom is us.

A different scene (we are confused–no subtitles): Daughter Hannah is naked with her naked boyfriend and the two are hidden from the suspicious Master and governess by redhead sister Maria in the folds of her bed. They later find the boy’s underwear in her room, and she goes over the chair for a moderate cropping by RGE standards, but we’d say the casting department hasn’t lost its eye for the lusty naked young lady.

In another scene, a thin and almost bony redhead is brought into the house by a soldier, in soft helmet, rifle and fixed bayonet, right off the stage of Gilbert&Sullivan! She has done something and he is the gendarme. The girl has to strip naked and gets the crop over a chair while the group watches and the soldier pretends disinterest. She’s a screamer.

Too bad redhead Maria escapes punishment. She’s the pale-skinned actress, one of the unfortunate students in ‘Wild Party 2,’ where she took one of the most interesting and tearful canings we can recall.

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