Invasion of Privacy – TOWER VIDEO

29 May

M/2f; year: 2004; time: 49 minutes

A  schoolgirl melodrama with some edgy additions, more graphic than what we would expect from CalStar or Strictly English. Two girls, actresses ‘Melanie’ and ‘Tara,’ enter a house without permission and explore.  The girls are decked out in blouses, neckties, plaid skirts, and bobby socks.

As they explore, brunette Melanie suddenly has to find a bathroom, and we’re give a closeup of her peeing, not a scene found often in CP film. She washes her dampened white panties in the house’s dormant hot tub and lays them out to dry. (We see the male homeowner has discovered the girls and is secretly watching.)

The girls have found CP implements, sneak a smoke, and generally loll about, teasing each other with a paddle. When they crawl on the floor looking under furniture, providing up-skirt shots (and Melanie of course has no knickers on), the Owner enters. They jump-to; he’s going to deal with them immediately.

After a FADE, a low padded easy chair has been positioned. Curly dark-blond haired Tara bends over the chair first for a handspankinog on her white knickers. A strategically placed floor-length mirror provides facials. Unfortunately the chair has wheels and is too  low, so Tara’s bottom is difficult to keep centered.

It is Melanie’s s turn–the Owner will take her OTK, in one of the few cute moments, she is hesitant because she knows she has no panties on. But he has the wet things in his pocket, so over she goes, with more touching toes. Tara joins for a bend-over, bottoms on parade.

After another FADE, a straight chair has been found to solve the wheeled-chair problem. Tara is paddled over it; Melanie faces us to add some frontal time. Melanie is paddled, Tara paddles Melanie. Tara kneels, Melanie straddles her–the Owner paddles both tushes.

Finally we get to the cane, we’re desperate. Ten light taps to Melanie, same silly stuff for Tara. The Owner makes both girls pull down their bras and show their breasts. Hands-on-knees for more cane. The Owner concludes with some fondling and handspanking as he admires the two bottoms he has captured.



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