Naughty Girl – CALSTAR

29 May

M/f; time: 27 minutes

A cute American brunette pays a call on an Hispanic guy because she is feeling naughty and needs spanking. He takes her OTK as she squirms and giggles, freely allowing him to probe between her legs while her shorts are still on. Both are tattooed and definitely short on any Victorian or schoolgirl image. The guy picks up a heavy doubled strap but mostly teases with it. The girl unfastens her little shorts, kicks off her thong, and kneels on the couch for the strap on her bottom and thighs, still giggling. Some handspanking and slapping in places you couldn’t do in a headmaster’s office. Various positions on the couch–the spankings are not noteworthy.

Hands-on-head for the cane. Tappity-tap. The guy takes her top and bra off–she has carnival-class tattoos and nipple jewelry, but is cute now in just sneakers. The shoes actually come off for a mild bastinado. He teases her with the cane and its tip while she stands naked in the center of the room.

Some more OTK and some fondling. “Go to my room,” as he strides after her.

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