Painful Detention – XEROTICS

29 May

M/fff; time: 41 minutes

Three short schoolgirl spanking scenarios which each seem fully contained and not previews. They floated our boat.

‘Painful Detention’ A familiar male actor,  Peters,  receives a call from school. Jodie, a frosted blonde, returns home, dressed sloppily in sweater and skirt. “You, young lady, are out of control….you’re going over my knee.” Jodie is not phased by any of this. She hikes up her skirt and pulls down her crisp white knickers before she settles over his lap.

A standard handspanking. Josie keeps her hair off her face and can’t resist checking the camera. Bottom closeups held a long time. Nose to the wall.

Jodie bent over a small stool  for the cane. A half-dozen, then a few more which she gives thanks for. Solid wrist snaps, some marks, and probably some repeats. She is left at the wall to rub.

“After School Detention”: A ten-minute episode; a schoolgirl in her straw boater finds herself over a school desk, being slowly handspanked then slippered by a female teacher. The girl’s skimpy white lace panties togther with full-screen closeups of her bare bottom are the highlights.

“Special Slipper for Smoking”: a sexy blond actress plays a student caught smoking. A stern-looking Irish woman plays a most intimidating enforcer. “Sorry is not enough….a good old-fashioned, over-the-knee, bare bottom spanking…my slipper across your backside.” Sounds like the right idea, and very erotic when so carefully explained. OTK, white panties down, a huge squawk from the young lady. Excellent camera angles,  sweet winks from between her thighs, and more facials than usual because of her pretty face. When she gets up at the conclusion of her punishment, she remembers to hike up her skirt to expose her buttocks, without prompting, for the camera.


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