Prison Punishment part 2 – CALSTAR

29 May

MF/3f; year: 1996; time: 53 minutes

Somewhat of a continuation of part 1; a female ‘warden,’ a tough, hard-spanking convincing actress we enjoyed as an intimidating school administrator in ‘College Classics #6,’ here dressed in a reasonable guard’s uniform, will be featured. ‘Mr. Hunt,’ a carry-over from part 1 and this time the Governor, presents two girls to the warden, prisoners #66 and #57. Both girls protest their innocence of prison offenses, but the warden’s job is corporal punishment, not case review.

#57 will go first, a sexy long-haired blonde. “Lift up your skirt.” OTK, cutaway panties, lots of skin to work with. Prisoner #66 accuses the warden of planting drugs just so she can do some spanking. The warden tells #57, “Pull your knickers down…slowly.” Slow crisp spanking. #57 admits the drugs were hers but won’t give up her accomplice.

#66 is next, a short-haired frosted brunette. “Lift up your skirt.” OTK, she squirms nicely. She also half-masts her panties, “slowly.”

Governor Hunt bursts in, stops the process, accuses the butch warden of  “taking matters into your own hands.” Much to the warden’s shock, she is sent off to herself have to put on one of the prisoner’s smocks.

He’ll continue their punishments. The girls hate these tabards. #66 and #57 strip to bra and panties to put them on, protesting. “They’re for my convenience,” says the Guv, which in fact they are, providing easy access to all vital parts.

He stands, knee on a chair, has #57 bend over it. She presents a full and firm bottom for the tawse. Too many “oow’s.” Her caning: 21 strokes. Hunt is so proud of himself he checks the director for affirmation.

Hjunt places a cane on a coat rack for #57 to think about and continues with the tawse. He goes at her with the cane–over 20 strokes, no repeats we could detect, she jumps up in pain several times and has to regain control of herself.

#66 has been watching and now approaches the chair of destiny. He helps her down with her knickers, handspanking over his standing knee, the tawse slashed paint brush style, then the cane. About 25 strokes and much harder for some reason. The warden materializes in her tabard at this moment, surely concerned about what she sees.

The girls will watch their warden get mer medicine. Bend-over the chair, the convenient smock flipped up, full-size knickers get punched. Handspanking and the tawse–she squawks and jumps up a lot. This is so humiliating! Just 8 cane strokes to conclude.

All three girls raise their tabards for a bottom comparison and a final salute. Someone says something off-script we couldn’t detect and they all giggle.

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