Tara’s Naughty Friend – MOONGLOW (SMART)

29 May

F/2f; year: 2003; time: 43 minutes

Older girls for a change, no regulation knickers or plaited skirts to contend with here. Linda, played by actress Sarah Harvey Lewis, arrives on the doorstep of her friend Tara (actress Stacey Rowe). She’s been caught ‘borrowing’ money at work and her husband has thrown her out.

Blond Tara wants to loan Linda money so she can make restitution and to house her overnight, but Tara’s husband objects, seeing the opportunities looming in front of him, and he’ll start with his wife. “I think I’ll give you a check…of a different kind.” OTK she goes, taking her own panties off. While there may be no schoolgirls present, these married ladies know the British routine. Tara squirms delightfully throughout.

Linda agrees to be spanked also–after all she is the cause of this mess. Tara, permanently without pants, goes to collect her husband’s spanking implements–she lays out quite an impressive collection. But Tara gets more first; Linda is shocked by the embarrassment and exposure when Tara assumes the diaper position on the couch. “My God, I thought you were just going to spank her.” Brief paddling.

More positioning for Tara–over an antique stool for a strap, and high over a barstool for a snake-like strap, which hurts–she jumps up and curses. Her husband has to pin her arms in place. Here is the first good facial of this attractive actress, and she is popping out of her bodice.

Now it’s Linda’s turn. She has seen an eyeful. “You’re not really going to do this?” OTK, skirt up, panties down, Tara rubs in the background. He goes to town on his naughty neighbor–over that stool, bending over, the paddle and two straps. She squeals. “Now Linda, I’m going to cane you…but first change places with Tara so you’ll know what to expect.”

Tara has wishfully  brought the junior cane, not the thick stick the husband prefers. Tara over the stool–these barstools are wonderful and under-appreciated. She takes about 18 strokes, then another dozen for mouthing off. “Bend over and touch your toes.” The caning is filmed from various angles.

Linda goes over the stool, hands grabbing the footrail, bottom high and waist-height for the caner. She takes about 20 strokes, not as hard as Tara, but excellent facials and over-the-shoulder views. She gets a few extras for the sake of parity.

Two bare bottoms at the wall, consoling each other. This guy has himself a set-up if he wants it, having amazing leverage, being able to take his neighbor’s panties off. The screen says: “To Be Continued.”

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