Appointment With the Cane – CHEEKY VIDEO

30 May

M/f; time: 42 minutes

This film fleshes a premise we have always especially enjoyed. A  young girl must call on a male authority figure to be punished. She climbs the stairs to report and claims not to know what she has been summoned for. We witness her realization of an impending spanking when she spots punishment implements laid out on a couch.

The thin blonde wears a thin simple blouse, short black skirt, and heels. “Do you know why you are here?” “No.” The disciplinarian boss pulls her OTK quickly; she protests weakly: “This is not a common practice these days…this isn’t the Sixties.” “Do you want to keep your job?”

Skirt up, tiny white thong, almost completely white bottom. A long, slow handspanking. Her muttered protests of “stupid” and “pervert,” in a crystal British accent, just increase our desire to see the spanking accelerate. She even asks, “Isn’t your arm getting tired?”

The boss has her stand, continues the handspanking in this posture, and drags down the little thong trifle. He reaches for the wide strap. “You’re kdding me,” she says. She leans over the couch and eventually kneels on it for a long moderate strapping, her thong puddling at her ankles.

From off-camera, the boss retrieves a padded spanking trestle, the familiar variety, rounded, padded, and waist-high, and not found in department stores. He assists her to bend over it,and she flashes a cute tended mohawk–she is a modern lady she is, and not as modest as she should be.  A long strapping scene follows, almost 10 minutes, before the boss switches to a large wood round paddle. She counts six backward. All the spanking is moderate, appropriate because this is a long film and there is no down-time between implements, no talking or undressing. All business.

The spanking, paddling, and strapping sequences take most of the film. The sweet blonde, having become quite submissive as the spankings progress, arranges to give us casual glimpses of her wispy landing strip as she is urged from one position to another.

The male boss reaches for the cane in the last six minutes of the film. Her weak protests: “I don’t want the cane,” are ignored, of course. The caning itself does not reach the crescendo most canings do after such a bare-bottom warmup, short rapid moderate strokes don’t mark up. The highlight of this film for us has been watching the portrayal of a normal, everyday office employee, albeit attractive, willingly allowing her pants to come off for a disciplinary session.

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