Disciplinary Measures – BRITISH SPANKING

30 May

M/f; M/f; time: 48 minutes

This film seems to  be unrelated to the Paradox film reviewed on other sites. A blonde, maybe a tad too old for the schoolgirl uniform she wears, has been sent to a local retired schoolmaster, who runs a private disiciplinary service to assist the school district. Holding up his cane, “You’ll be here for a week.” Only the British can get us off to such a rocking start.

She starts on domestic chores–sweeping leaves, cleaning the kitchen, and scrubbing floors on hands and knees, providing shots for the enterprising CP cameraman. She takes a break, phones a friend (in Australia, and not on her cell phone!) and is caught. One assumes there will be a lot of CP this week.

The headmaster takes her OTK, regulation knickers down, she squawks and struggles, not a good thing to do if you are here for a week. Nice round bottom, strong and solid thighs. “Stop winghing.” A loud handspanking filmed from several angles and a tush made for CP. She gets ‘slipper’d’ actually with a flip-flop, which makes a pleasing crack. Panties down, knees wide, There is dialogue we can’t hear because she is yelling so loudly.

“I’m still not satisfied,” observes the disciplinarian. She kneels and bends over the back  of a chair for a short session with a cane, a half-dozen on her knickers; then, pants down, the headmaster has the largest birches we have ever seen, like tree branches. She gets six lashes and screams up a storm. It will be a long week.

A second, unrelated segment, featuring an early CalStar actor sometimes called Reggie. Lisa, a thin Audrey Hepburn-style brunette, skylarks at a computer with magazines and headphones. The young-looking Reggie is “in loco parentis,” as they say when a young girl is about to be spanked. “They’ve given me carte blanche.” “You’re going to smack me, aren’t you?” “Lift that dress.”

He squeezes her buttocks and pulls the knickers down for a bit of a peek. “The time is nigh,” he announces, in his signature-style silly banter. Pants down, he zeros in on a small tattoo  on her right cheek. This actress is no waif-like fashion model from the waist down. The OTK spanking is awkward because the chair is too low, so Lisa obligingly straigthens her legs to keep her bottom centered.

She bends over the back of this strange chair for the tawse, “a taste of hell,” Reggie calls it. Wall mirrors provide 360-degree presentation of this spanking. He searches her cheeks for untouched spots and cracks her thighs on occasion. Corny and garroulous Reggie is also a borderline pervert.

“I want you completely naked.” The full mirrors reflect a lovely body, disguised in the loose clothing she wore. Lisa is just shoes and socks. He lectures, we ogle. Some PT-she runs in place, sweet jiggle.

In a scene cut, she lies naked on an unmade bed which has been in the scene. He canes her six times then tucks her in–no PJ’s tonight, and she sleeps with the cane as a companion.


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