Stroked By The Cane – BIZARRE

30 May

FM/3f;  time: 47 minutes

Possibly a ‘Kane’ production from the 1980’s; George Harrison Marks production, with his characteristic ageplay, absurdist sardonic version of how to maneuever a girl into position. An opening graphic suggest the theme is based on a story from 1760.

Mr. Hors is a practicing barrister with an advanced case of the English Vice. The film opens with Hors’ secretary bottoms-up over his desk, being spanked for a clerical error. “I want your knickers down and you over the desk.” She’s got a big bottom–he can use two hands. She takes her own knickers off and spreads her legs, apparently office policy. After 12 from a plastic ruler, “I think we’ll have the cane…your job depends on it.”  She can’t keep count, takes 14, and although the strokes did not seem harsh, there is evidence of wheals and welts, and a cluster of wrap-around marks the result of a whippy, flexible cane. Hors admires his craft.

A new scene: two young ladies are meeting with Hors, who explains that their Uncle Silas has left them a half-million pounds each, but with a proviso. Since they misbehaved  with him 25 years ago, Hors explains the Will requires they must recieve a “severe spanking, in this office, by my hand.” The girls debate–it IS a lot of money, and what’s a bit of spanking?

Blond Callie agrees to go first, skirt up, thong provides plenty of bare skin. She struggles OTK while brunette Rebecca watches in mock horror. Callie stands and takes off the rest of her clothes and goes over the desk for the martinet. Attorney Hors gets her legs open–some law practice this is! Rebecca isn’t spanked today, but she must sleep on the knowledge she is next.

“Monday March 30th”: Rebecca is on tap today (the girls wear the same clothes as the previous scene). She is ordered to undress and has figured out this sleazy guy. “This is just an excuse, isn’t it?”  After a pause at her undies, she gets naked, for handspanking and the martinet,  on a conference table.

“Monday, April 6th”: The girls return for their weekly appointments (this time different clothes). The humiliation level increases. They are spanked together, must spank each other, and the attorney’s secretary is called in for a crack, any pretense at propriety dissolving. The ladies are nude, flash frontal glimpses on occasion, and they actually stand at the fireplace, a British CP altar.

The girls stand naked to hear their money will be paid in “thirty installments”; they are furious at this duplicity and, bare as they are, they jump the male attorney and his secretary and try to spank them. The film ends in a general raucous melee of bodies typical of GHM.

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