Spanking Interviews II – CALSTAR

31 May

MF/2f; year: 1980’s; time: 30 minutes

Continuation of Part I theme, a smarmy promoter and his girl-Friday interview models to pose for spanking magazine shoots. Today’s girls have more mileage and the action will be a bit more aggressive. The promoter/agent, to two girls arriving together: “You know you have to take your clothes off.” The girls glance at each other: “It’s OK, we’ve done this before.”

The blonde and brunette have flipped through the magazines and strip to bra and panties. But the agent wants the bras off. They forebear when he tweaks their breasts as they stand in satin bikini panties. He flourishes a small birch bundle. “I’m going to put you through a dry run.”

Both girls bend over the desk for tentative handspankings. Melodramatic gasping, typical of the acting in this era, with its cheesecake nudity, clandestine flashes of frontal exposure, and sophomoric, naughty fliration with the realities of how erotic the CP fetish was to its devotees.

The agent pulls both pairs of knickers down; again, this scene is shot from a ‘ceiling CAM’; the excellent view not exploited enough. The thin bottle-blonde is sent to the corner, facing us, knickers at her thighs, like a good girl. The brunette is birched, but it is silly–the agent just pushed her buttocks with the handle, the sting-y twigs hardly connect. The scene FADES and returns with the birching concluding. “Is that all?” she asks, somewhat disappointed, as are we. The naked blonde is brought out for her test with the cane, which is also silly and faked, although there is much commotion and gasping. We see the first view of secretary-assistant blond Sue, who was watching from just off-screen.

She responds to the agent’s winded plea: “I’m going to need some help, man of my age.” She takes over, the camera angle is from below, up the blonde’s legs.

Another FADE, again used to reduce the lengths of the spankings. The brunette is getting the leather sole over the desk and sounds as if she were having an orgasm. To be fair, her bottom is blotching.

Next comes a novel position–two naked girls fill the screen. The blonde lies on her back on the desk in the diaper pose; the brunette stands up on the desk, straddling her and holding her legs vertical, so that both bare bottoms are an easy target for the spanker. Sue AND  the agent smack away at both bottoms, a rather aggressive procedure if in fact this is only an audition. Someone is getting their rocks off here–we’re close ourselves. We FADE out of this scene for a new audition.

The next ‘intrerview’ contains a twist on this spanking couch audition theme we don’t recall seeing. A guy bursts into the agent’s office forcibly dragging a relectant blonde. He thinks an audition would do her good. He pulls off her dress, takes her bra off, pulls down her knickers and proudly displays her body, “especially the ass, isn’t that beautiful?” The visitor spanks her OTK while the agent fondles and tweaks her nipples. She is positioned for a mild caning–she screams out of proportion.

Another FADE, the blonde is kneeling on the desk, being worked over by both men, and quite fully exposed, knees wide, breasts hanging, she gets the leather sole, a switch, the cane. Whoever brought her, someone should take her home.

Both men are exhausted, it seems, so Sue, probably as randy as the guys, finishes her.

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