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Prison Punishment part 2 – CALSTAR

29 May

MF/3f; year: 1996; time: 53 minutes

Somewhat of a continuation of part 1; a female ‘warden,’ a tough, hard-spanking convincing actress we enjoyed as an intimidating school administrator in ‘College Classics #6,’ here dressed in a reasonable guard’s uniform, will be featured. ‘Mr. Hunt,’ a carry-over from part 1 and this time the Governor, presents two girls to the warden, prisoners #66 and #57. Both girls protest their innocence of prison offenses, but the warden’s job is corporal punishment, not case review.

#57 will go first, a sexy long-haired blonde. “Lift up your skirt.” OTK, cutaway panties, lots of skin to work with. Prisoner #66 accuses the warden of planting drugs just so she can do some spanking. The warden tells #57, “Pull your knickers down…slowly.” Slow crisp spanking. #57 admits the drugs were hers but won’t give up her accomplice.

#66 is next, a short-haired frosted brunette. “Lift up your skirt.” OTK, she squirms nicely. She also half-masts her panties, “slowly.”

Governor Hunt bursts in, stops the process, accuses the butch warden of  “taking matters into your own hands.” Much to the warden’s shock, she is sent off to herself have to put on one of the prisoner’s smocks.

He’ll continue their punishments. The girls hate these tabards. #66 and #57 strip to bra and panties to put them on, protesting. “They’re for my convenience,” says the Guv, which in fact they are, providing easy access to all vital parts.

He stands, knee on a chair, has #57 bend over it. She presents a full and firm bottom for the tawse. Too many “oow’s.” Her caning: 21 strokes. Hunt is so proud of himself he checks the director for affirmation.

Hjunt places a cane on a coat rack for #57 to think about and continues with the tawse. He goes at her with the cane–over 20 strokes, no repeats we could detect, she jumps up in pain several times and has to regain control of herself.

#66 has been watching and now approaches the chair of destiny. He helps her down with her knickers, handspanking over his standing knee, the tawse slashed paint brush style, then the cane. About 25 strokes and much harder for some reason. The warden materializes in her tabard at this moment, surely concerned about what she sees.

The girls will watch their warden get mer medicine. Bend-over the chair, the convenient smock flipped up, full-size knickers get punched. Handspanking and the tawse–she squawks and jumps up a lot. This is so humiliating! Just 8 cane strokes to conclude.

All three girls raise their tabards for a bottom comparison and a final salute. Someone says something off-script we couldn’t detect and they all giggle.

Fingered by Matron – CALSTAR

28 May

2F/3f;  time: 46 minutes

‘McCloud,’ played by actress Louise Muirhead, is dolled up as a schoolgirl–pigtails, a very short, tight skirt, and a bare midriff blouse. She is a Prefect, and caught by the matron (Marie Louise) using the school fax machine. Apparently it is not the first time, either. “You’ve got to have a spanking…no more excuses.”

The matron takes McCloud OTK, skirt up, tight white well-fitted panties, for a slow handspanking in a sparse school-office set. Panties down, we love the over-the-shoulder spanking view, but the effort is a mild one. That’s all for McCloud now–back to class.

A second girl, Jordan, played by thin blond Bonnie Heat, meets the matron in her”surgery,” which happens to be the faux-oak beamed wing chair sitting room from which CalStar has delivered us many spankings. Jordan undresses for the matron immmediately–they have some plans. They mumble about keeping their little secret, and matron spreads baby oil on Jordan’s bare bottom. “Would you like some of this between your legs?” “Whatever you say…ah, just a little bit further down.”

McCloud walks in on this scene. “Disgusting.” She is going to report it to the Headmistress. Both the matron and Jordan begin begging for an alternate solution. “What shall I do with you two?” McCloud sends the matron to get her supply of paddles and canes and they go to the common room, another familiar CalStar set. Jordan is buck naked during all this.

McCloud takes the nude Jordan OTK. She checks the director–she is not an experienced spanker, and surely gets the same assurance we would have given her—Go for it, Lay it On, Let’s hear the smacks! Good closeups of a nifty bottom, but mild stuff. “Why is your fanny so oily?” When the matron reutrns with her implements: “I think your oiling days are over.” McCloud is enjoying this intimacy, but she needs a course in spanking bottoms.

The matron is punished next. She is short and plump, hugely buxom. Skirt up, she is paddled over a chair and gets off lightly. Jordan is paddled again, sweetly bare except for white knee socks.

“I think you know what is going to happen to you now, matron.” McCloud spanks as hard as she can and checks her hand as if she hurt it. More paddling and then the cane, bent over the wing chair. Just a few strokes before she says: “I feel very hot.” “Then take off your clothes.” “Everything?” She lets her keep on her bra at the last minute, from the look of it, for safety reasons. Just two or three more cane strokes, before: “I can’t take it any more.”

“Jordan, come over here, same for you.” Much more entertaining. 15 zingers, heavy marks and wheals, right from the first. McCloud has been having fun and carefully fingers the results, “Is that enough welts for you?”


Penitent Wife – CALSTAR

28 May

M/f;  time: 25 minutes

American made, not so Classic. Actor Jay Dee plays ‘Michael,’ waiting up for his wife, out late and up to something. She arrives in the wee hours–a tall, obrunette, with what looks like a backbreaker of a figure. We’ll soon see.

She denies she is galavanting about. Michael checked the house where she was visiting, but no one was there. Her weak denials collapse. She stands in front of him and hikes her skirt on demand. He slaps her ample bottom. She kneels on hands and knees for a long and comparatively mild handspanking, not much to see unless you conjecture that the bedroom is only a few steps away.

She is made to remove her dress–there are no protests. She stands in white undies–bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings. If she is a tad chunky, it is only because we have seen too many models. She could keep the troops entertained. After a little more spanking, she is sent to bed, in just her skivvies, where she immedately phones her girlfriend.

Michael catches her and so he will continue the punishment. There is a small wood spearmint paddle in the bed side table. It doesn’t sting much, because Michael doesn’t spank hard–this actor never does in this American genre. We recommend he spend less time with the actresses in the employees’ lounge so he can be more stern on the set. His wife kneels on the bed for light taps with the cane.

Michael’s wife admits she is enjoying this. “Why don’t you take off your clothes?” The white wisps come off, and there is a long, playful OTK spanking. The two hug and head off to anogther bedroom.

Prison Punishment – CALSTAR

28 May

M/3f; year: 1996; time: 53 minutes

An uneventful earlier CalStar, except for the demonic and inventive methods producers can devise to spank girls on-camera. We hear the voice of actor Michael Dawes as he delivers three girls to Mr. Hunt in the prison workshop, for punishment. In our own school-days, we remember the ‘shop’ teacher made wood paddles and was not a person you wanted to be sent to.

The girls shuffle around in a legitimate-looking workshop. Hunt confronts the girls. two brunettes and a blonde. They are ordered to strip to bra and knickers and put on tabards, smock-like open-sided short covers. He puts the girls to work and spanks and snaps at whatever and whomever’s bottom he can reach.

The blonde sweeps up while Hunt spanks one brunette, actress ‘Karen’ or ‘Jenny Close,’ down the hall on lunch hour from her steady job at Moonglow studios. The tabards need only to be flipped up for access. All three girls bend over the table for smacks. After taking each girl OTK while seated at the table, he leaves them tasks, steps out, and returns with a huge tawse.

All three girls are bent over, panties off, Hunt has pocketed all three wisks of cloth for his collection, and the girls have to tug at smock hems from here on. Utilizing the workplace, the girls climb onto and parade runway-style around the workbench–remember, nobody has pants. He has them pull up their tabards, telling them “humiliation” is part of the punishment. Bottoms and fronts are at his eye-level. The camera pulls back and is elevated for this girlie show.

Afdter he smacks at the tushes vertically up on the table, he helps each  girl step down ladylike on a step stool to the floor. They tidy up again while Hunt gets his canes.

The shortest brunette is taken first. “Why me?” she complains. Each girl will get 20, the others will count them out. Rapid backswing snaps, the girl remains quiet and brave.

The blonde is next and can’t hold still. She breaks at 5 strokes and only gets 10.

Long-legged brunette actress Karen steps up for her turn, the first two girls standing in the shot facing us, tabards pulled up. Karen struggles through her 20 strokes.

Generally, serial canings constitute the climaxof the episode; here, Hunt dutifully makes entries in their punishment logs and has them sign. “The lesson has not finished yet…six more.”

The little blonde tentatively raises her hand and volunteers to go first. Hunt teases with the cane, the strokes are slower and much harder. As the girls’ tabards slip down, he urges them up, for “humiliation,” and for us.

Karen gets her six: “Get your ass up in the air.” And finally, the small brunette, definitely the courageous one. Bottom inspection to conclude. There is a sequel to this ‘Prison Punishment’; more girls sent to Mr. Hunt.



Kaning Krista – CALSTAR

28 May

M/f; time: 30 minutes

An American film, with our warning for these, watch it only if it is easy to do. Krista and a guy (maybe ‘Sir Nik,’) live together. Both are festooned with tattoos, pierced by body jewlry, punk hair, and dressed, well… won’t see this across the Pond.

Krista returns from clubbing with a friend and (we’ll call him) Nik is angry. She wants to be forgiven, so he will spank her. OTK, black bikini panties. He spanks very hard, left-handed. Standing, hands-on-chair. “Arch your back.” Krista locks her long legs and the camera shoots from below, nice when the pants come down.

Nik uses a doubled leather strap. Some strokes are very hard. Clothes off–all she was wearing was a skimpy black dress and panties. She kneels on a chair, bends over the back, rests her elbows on a table, putting her bottom high. Nik uses a short flat stick.

In keeping with American CP patterns, there follow some odd positions. naked Krista climbs onto a table, kneels with knees almost 3′ wide, and Nik torments her with a whippy dowell stick, while she keeps her legs spread straight and wide in a “V,” admirably athletic.

After teasing Krista with a longer cane, Nik destroys a houseplant and makes a long switch with a pocket knife from its foliage. She rests her hands on a barstool, locks those memorable long legs again, and takes six strokes from the switch, counted down backwards.

They hug and make up. You should move on.


28 May

M/3f; time: 40 minutes

New producer for us. The product is older. Actresses Samantha (‘Sam’) Johnson and Kristen play two post-graduate schoolgirls who have been ordered to return to their headmaster for punishment for having stolen petty cash money on their jobs. An abundant fantasy this is, having school professionals spank errant graduate-female employees. Both girls are magnificantly endowed for a spanking.

This plot sequence is a replay of any number of schoolgirl spanking stories. The girls, dressed nattily in professional dark suits, wait outside the Head’s door, remembering in their past standing on that spot, in the nailbiting, bottom-tingling agony of anticipation so skillfully employed by Blushes, Roue, SfP, and Paradox back in the day.

They knock and are admitted. “Your boss has been in touch with me.” (Maybe the Head runs a little consultancy on the side. Nice work. Wonder how he would word it on his business card.) Blond Sam is first OTK. A hard spanking on her skirt. She claims: “We were gloing to put it back on payday.” Skirt up, fashionable black lace panties (no schoolgirl knickers now), garter belt, black stockings. She kicks cutely.

The Headmaster is middle-aged, with an acadmeic beard and an air of administrative authority. Kristen stands to the side, entreating the Head to ease up. He takes down the lace pants with dainty fingertips. Behind them is the table with a virtual armory of spanking implements displayed. He was ready for this appointment.

Kristen is directed to hand him a thin round wooden ping-pong-like paddle. Sam jumps at the stings. Her first phase completed, the girls hug and rub, but now Kristen goes OTK. Same procedure but she is more sensitive. “Get your hand out of the way, girl…get your feet down!” Skirt up, high-cut white panties leaving mostly an open crotch, garter belt, and stockings. The thin wood paddle reddens larger areas of her buttocks, and faster than Sam. Excellent overheads and obliques in this session. Kristen is so unsettled she slides forward so her head touch the floor, as her bottom flails.

Next phase–business suit jackets off, kneel on straight chairs side by side. The Head alternately paddles both bottoms, on their skirts. He flips up the skirts and pulls each pair of knickers down with some care. The spanking continues, both bare bottoms fill the screen and are equally wonderful creations of nature. Little winks between their legs are all we will get today.

After some time with a floppy leather paddle, “Oh, sir, not the cane, please.” The Head alternates on the two bare bottoms, mild snappy strokes with a small thin cane, stingers, rather than deep and penetrating. For caning enthusiasts, this is tepid stuff, except for two perfect bottoms side-by-side, twitching in anticipation of where the next stroke would land.

The girls must keep their knickers at their thighs and replace the chairs. “Oh sir, that’s the senior cane.” “Over the table, both of you!” The strokes are harder now, both bottoms show some lines and mottled swelling from the spankings. Very close camera work, if you want to count some hairs.

The girls stand, rub, pull up their pants, and make the apporopriate promises. Some of the other entertaining proxy spankings we can recall involve a scene where the punished girl signs a waiver at the conclusion.

Spanking the Maid – PARADOX

26 May

2M/4f;  time: 43 minutes

An oldie, filled with Victorian tradtion. Young indentured maids are helplessly in the grip of their male masters. To the soundtrack of ‘Moonlight Sonata,’ maid Lucy, fully outfitted in legitimate costume, dusts curios in a heavily decorated drawing room. Her master, Lionel, discusses her on the phone with a friend. He wants to “break her in…she’s a bit too perfect…that bottom needs a spanking.” He asks his friend to find some sort of flaw in her recrod at the “bureau” so he can have the pretense he needs. He admires her walking outside on the baronial lawns; “God….look at that bottom.”

Lionel chats with Lucy, hand on her knee, discussing spanking as a time-honored tradition and explains her choices. She looks appropriately worried. Lucy tentatively eases herself OTK and allows Lionel to ruck up her black skirt to expose black knickers, stockings, and garters. She yelps at his first smack but is otherwise docile.

Another maid is listening at the door, smiling in satisfaction, having been in Lucy’s spot, feet off the ground. Lionel pulls down Lucy’s panties and admires the sight. He reaches under her. “Arch your back,” to unfasten her garter belt, for no other reason than to just do it. It is a long spanking–he strikes low, high, and on the thighs.

Lionel leads Lucy to the fireplace mantel by the hand and helps her take off the rest of her clothes. Other maids must have told her she would find herself in this predicament. She is soon naked but for a visor-like maid’s cap, remaining as the badge of her station and her helplessness,and intensely erotic. He fondles her body and runs his fingers almost everywhere in this slow ritual. A tattoo on her stomach and her mohawk are the only flaws in this Victorian melodrama.

While she waits naked, Lionel goes to the garden to cut a bundle of birches. She bends at the mantel in this over-decorated museum-like drawing room, in just that little cap, panties at her knees, and takes 10 very hard thrashes from the bundle. She chokes out the count and thanks her master. The eavesdropping maid is enjoying the sounds. Lucy’s bottom  is a rosy mess of welts and scratches, as if she had poison ivy.

At the conclusion, she is offered a choice: leave employment or go upstairs and work naked the rest of the day.

A second, unrelated adventure. Maid vs. Master. A classic and favorite CalStar actor we’ve called ‘Reggie’ in other venues has two maids on the carpet. Andrea has had boys in her room.

She is being spanked, on loose white panties.   And Reggie sees what we spot: “These are a little too thick…I think we will have to pull them down.” He spanks hard and she must have cussed. “Did I just hear a little word?” “No, sir.”

Andrea stands to the side in a puddle of panties while the second maid is taken OTK. “You can remove her panties,” she says to Andrea.  He spanks hard and selectively around his target, his palm leaving a white hand print after each resounding smack. He spanks, fondles, and explores the prize on his lap, concluding this ritualized exploitation of two helpless servants.

In a third episode, Reggie is served a cocktail by a fourth maid. “Bottoms up,” he declares, not words the maid wants to hear. This tall maid was the eavesdropper, plus Reggie has received “disturbing reports” about her.

Reggie has his proclivities. “I expect you have heard about my techniques….let the battle commence.” She goes OTK, lifts her own skirt, to display white panties. She is very tall and must keep her legs stretched out straight to position her bottom properly. Good girl.

Knickers down. “Oh, yes, indeed,” extols Reggie, as the actor often does at this moment in his films. He notes her bottom is tan but for a little white thong line. He has a short weighted blackjack-like strap in his pocket. The maid catches her breath in shock. “Like it?”

“Stage two,” he announces. The maid has pulled her clothing back in place and stands before the mantel for the inevitable. He swishes the cane in torment. She turns and bends over, uniform skirt up, Reggie admires her well-fitted white knickers.

After two stinging shots on the cloth: “I’m sure you know my proclivities…get them down!” She takes about a dozen or so cane strokes, as hard as it needs to be done. Excellent oblique camera angles display the angry welts she has developed, and between one of the angle changes, someone took a second to tuck in her shirt.

“One more, the stroke you always are going to remember.” Because she then rises to go, she earns yet another. We would assume this sort of obedience is not taught but rumored in domestic training schools.



Day of Reckoning – CALSTAR

26 May

M/f; time: 51 minutes

A playful deviation from the conventional mock punishment scenario. American actress Julie Juggs, aptly monikered, writhes mostly naked on her waterbed. British CP actor Anthony Lawton tries to get her up for work. They decide she should call in sick. They will spend the rest of the film on and around the bed–Julie getting spanked and strapped, in a continual tease. She is a lovely dark-eyed brunette with a burlesque chest outside simple words to describe. But her bottom we can depict–wide, hard, and muscular, with a gap between her thighs she exploits to her advantage.

They tussle, roll, and laugh as Anthony smacks what bottom he can reach. She is a willing participant. She kneels on the undulating waterbed, knees wide, pillow under her stomach, providing sexy, playful views and a large smacking zone for Anthony. Her melons are occasionally flashed.

“You’re hot and wet now,” Anthony observes. In a frontal scene, Julie cradles her breasts and teases down her thong. Anthony smacks away. A posture we love, Julie spreadeagles in a doorway naked, while Anthony slaps with a belt. Some diaper position back on the bed; kneeling on a chair for the belt; more frontal jug play–off with the garter belt and stockings.

CP films do not show what would be the obvious conclusion. Anthony seems to be preparing to get back into bed with her. She is certainly ready and viewers who prefer that sort of thing will be too.

Bottoms Up – MOONGLOW

25 May

2M/2f; time: 49 minutes

Burlesque from Moonglow; two dance hall girls come boisterously off-stage. Richard, the director/producer, chastises them because the customers are booing. A spanking trestle sits in the foreground in his office. “You are going to get very severe punishment.” Either work is scarce or pretty girls are plentiful, because their resistance to this affront is weak.

As blond Stephanie (actress Xela) bends over the trestle, “Is this really necessary?”  she starts to squeal before the first strike. Richard uses several paddles, and slowly, as she grabs back in pain.

Brunette Prudence (actress Aleesha), peeking from the corner, takes her turn over the trestle, bottom mostly bare but for a little thong. “You’re not going to  hit me like that.” Oh, yes. She jumps at the full-swing smacks.

Their little warning episode over, the girls sit in front of Richard’s desk for more lecturing.

FADE to the  burlesque owner/entrpreneur Sir Peter, played by actor Jack Uppitt. With him on the set, the girls had better keep their pants within reach. He is very upset with them and wants matters corrected before they begin the tour. A cane hangs on a hook  in the paneled room Moonglow uses (frequently) as his office. “I’m going to cane you both.”  “…but we’ll show marks on our bottoms…”  This doesn’t bother Sir Peter.

Stephanie is caned first. “Get that dress up.” She kneels on the couch and leans over the back. A little handspanking, then the cane, first on her knickers then on the bare. Prudence follows. “Six for you, too.” Hard strokes. Uppitt is always hard.

FADE: we are probably on tour. In trouble and warned again, Stephanie reports to Richard’s hotel room,a dreary setting. She is tipsy and tries to seduce him in his dressing gown, baring her breasts. “You need these for the show, don’t you?” He takes her OTK, slip up, no pants.

Prudence joins, also in a nightgown, also quite drunk, and tries to intervene. “You will have a headache and a pain in your bottom tomorrow,” Richards tells her. OTK, she cries out, “You’re a pervert, you are.” Gown up, white panties. “Let’s have these down.”

FADE: Another infraction–the girls have stripped on stage in the presence of the Ladies’ Auxiliary. (we don’t ask what the ladies were doing at the burlesque show. Expense account?) Richard is angry, and since he is casting the next show, ‘Naughty Nickers’ (sic), he has to have his way with them in the full casting-couch tradition. Maybe the girls can compete with each other, using their bottoms.

He will cane Stephanie first. “You know the position.” “Yes, I do.” Over the trestle, gown off, 8 very hard strokes. Prudence watches and is skittish, before getting her half-dozen. The girls are referred to Sir Peter, who will surely extract his price too. the girls decide, though, that after all, this spanking stuff is not so bad. The work is good and hot bottoms are erotic.

Sir Peter manages to find offense in their saucy behavior. He’ll  cane them to “instill discipline.” Prudence up on the couch, a half-dozen, excellent obliques of her tush. Stephanie’s turn; Sir Peter notices her cane marks. She gets a rousing half-dozen.

What the hell, Peter and Richard will hire the girls. They can be spanked around Europe town by town. “We”ll be working together again.”

Nurses and Schoolgirls – OHTEEKAY PRODUCTIONS

25 May

F/2f; time: 37 minutes

With a title like this, we’re confident of satisfaction. A blond student has been expelled. The school has called home. A ‘Miss Melly’ has been sent from the district to spank the girl, not one of your more common taxpayer services, we wouldn’t think . First, the girl’s mother starts the spanking, but soon Melly arrives (it is the actress Miss Gillian), and she holds a quick class on how to do over-the-knee spanking.

The blonde is big and doesn’t distribute herself properly over Miss Melly’s lap. “Get your weight off me.” the girl stands and strips  to blouse and knickers. Melly is unhappy with how weak the mother is. She’ll spank both of them.

After her own brief handspanking, the mother hands Melly a huge hairbrush. The blond daughter is amused and the hairbrush spanking is disappointing. Miss Melly’s fetish interests start to appear–she has the mother put on a “school uniform” and return with the cane. Both mother and daughter get six ineffectual strokes on their knickers.

The mother and daughter alternate taking groups of strokes, bare skin finally, just hard wrist snaps. Miss Melly seems to waive the girl’s suspension from school–the girl takes a long time redressing in complete school uniform and is sent back to school. “See you at school,” and to the mother, “Right, back to you.”

The mother takes several dozen more strokes in various postures. Her bottom is showing the results as this confusing story mercifully concludes.