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St. David’s Boarding School For Girls-the Music Lesson – CALSTAR

29 Jun

2M/2f;  year: 2001;  time: 51 minutes

Another simple storyline, augmented by the presence of adult film actor Jack Uppitt, who adds a soupcon/touch of lechery to his spankings and cannot resist wandering hands and eyes as he torments his charges. This film predates 2001 and was made in the wood-paneled set seen often in Moonglow and a few CalStar’s.

Another male actor, Mr. Jenkins, plausibly senior in age and demeanor, teaches music and awaits student Cooper for her music lesson. She is late and is so unprepared she fails at simple scales. She is a cute short-haired blonde, wearing the correct kit–blue blouse, necktie, pleated skirt, knee socks, and platform heels. One quickly notices the blouse cannot hide her endowments.

Jenkins: “We’ll have to come up with some sort of punishment for you,”   which means, OTK–she goes immediately, without protest, skirt up, handspanking on perfect regulation blue knickers. Jenkins has the pants down quickly to stay, again without a sound from Cooper. Good closeups, thighs open.

Cooper hands over her skirt and bends over the back of a straight chair for the leather paddle, not slapped hard, but it is thick and heavy. Good oblique shots–her blouse has worked itself up and she is not wearing a bra. “Sorry, sir,” she gasps.

Headmaster Jack Uppitt comes on-scene, has Cooper stand up while he inspects the merchandise with those eyes, then entreats Jenkins to continue. Jenkins has her open her blouse to display high, hard, round breasts–they are headlights.

The Headmaster returns with another student, Padgett, a statuesque light-skinned black girl, and shows her Cooper, bottom-up, getting the paddle. The Head starts on Padgett OTK, Cooper’s rosy bare bottom in the background. The Head asks Padgett to hand over her skirt and knickers. The OTK continues, on powerful round cheeks and athletic thighs. He is angry: “All new girls in this school are going to get thoroughly beaten.” Jenkins urges him on, feigning serious purpose; blond Cooper mouths off and finds herself upside down for more.

Back to Padgett. Hands-on-chair seat, “legs apart, child,” for the paddle. “In a minute, we’re going to give you (both) the cane.” More OTK for Padgett with Mr. Jenkins–she is now naked and covers herself as best she can.

Cooper will be paddled first, at the chair. “Legs apart….you know the position.” She spreads her legs a good 18″, knowing full well the scenery provided. The Head joins in with a big tawse. When Padgett is bent over for the tawse, she springs up and fights back for a second, before composing herself.

Jenkins leaves the set and returns with a cane. [phone rings on the set] Cooper bends again at the chair; the Head paces and swooshes. Cooper is nervous. “Are you shaking and farting?” “Yes, sir.” About 30 cane strokes are shown in  a long 8 minute segment: the camera angle is lowered to accentuate her perfect bottom and hanging breasts. Marks immediately. Uppitt is mean with the cane–he gets her on the thighs and the buttocks crease. He has caned enough bottoms to know where the sensitivity is best. With a handful of hair, he pushes her back to the wall and invites Padgett forward.

Padgett is authentically reluctant, and it would seem real, because her spankings and this caning are more moderate. [phone again] She takes just 12 strokes, dead quiet except for single “Ow’s.”

Both girls to report to Jenkins’ office tomorrow for more of this, explaining why the Head did most of the work here.


Reformed in Five Days – CONNOISSEUR CP

28 Jun

@MF/3f; year: 2005; timje: 1 hr 41 minutes

A feature length CP film, with an exciting premise, but the anticipation never results in a satisfying conclusion. Three girls have been sent to a “reformatory” for a long weekend of five days for the sole purpose of corporal punishment. “This is a very severe reform school,” says headmaster Bottomley. The girls will be spanked in sequence for four hours in the morning and each afternoon, successively more severe sessions for five days.

Monica (the actress ‘Monica’), Morgan (‘Morgan Taylor’),  and Kara (‘Kara Jane’)report and are confronted by Bottomley, their sentence is explained and they are sent to put on school gymslips  and knee socks and report to a classroom, where the entire filming will take place, in repetitive formats. These initial scenes are not as powerful as those in the Lupus/Rigid East series, where dejected and submissive girls report individually to detention houses or reform schools, carrying their meager overnight bags,their bottoms pounced upon almost as soon as they cross the threshold.

‘Day One Spanking Day’: the girls sit at desks, a chalkboard contains the schedule and will be used to tally the spankings. The girls come forward and are taken OTK by Bottomley and spanked on their school knickers. Blond Monica’s lean athletic body is known from her performances; blond Morgan is the bigger bottom here, a real project compared to the other girls; and blond pony-tailed Kara will be the middle-bear. The successive repeated spankings are moderate, almost mild.

“After lunch” each day is bare-bottom time, handspanking here on the first day. Nothing exceptional to note, except that when the knickers are down, all three bottoms are usually kept in the frame.

‘Day 2 Strappng Day’ : The girls at their desks again–the camera in the same position. Their homework is checked, then they are bent over their desks and strapped on their knickers in the morning and on the bare in the afternoon, time condensed. The strap is a foot-long, 2″ wide, thin floppy model, which could cause some dancing if used properly, but it is mild here, so much so that neither redness nor marks develop. The afternoon session features a spanking bench. Monica, being an alumna, has knelt on it before and demonstrates for the girls.

Staff member Mr. Grainger joins Bottomley and takes over some punishment. He is even more of a softy. It would have enhanced the storyline if the girls had shown some hesitation at taking off their pants for a new man.

‘Day 3 Flogging Day’: Same drill,knickers in the morning and bare in the afternoon, but since the naughty girls wore cutaway bikini pants today, bare cheeks will be available all day. The flogger implements are used by the two men without gusto. No accumulation. There should be some perception that the girls’ bottoms are becoming more tender in this third day. In a proper reform school in the Eastern European tradition,  the girls should be doing a lot of standing-up by now. “Tomorrow, 8 AM sharp, for birching….it will be quite an experience!”

“Day 4 Birching Day”: The men attack the bottoms with manufactured birch bundles with handles, again mild stuff, the opportunity for stinging scintillation, completely set up, is not exploited.

“Day 5 Caning Day”: Sets of six to each girl leave no impression. One of the girls’ aunts joins the session as an observer and does some caning herself. There is some voyeur stimulation by having a woman present while these two men admire, fondle, and cane the bare bottoms of the three young girls.

In a concluding segment, Morgan stands to confess she had instigated Kara to some of the offenses which caused this internment, and so  she earns more. “Take off your uniform.” She gets naked, the aunt present to observre again, although her pants don’t come down until she is in front fo the bench again, preserving the the frontal modesty consistent with the film. she receives 12 cane strokes from each of Bottomley, Grainger, and the aunt, but even this leaves only the faintest traces on her ample bottom.

It would have been more exciting if the five days of spankings had been depicted as developing more and more sensitive bottoms, making sitting, standing, and pants-down more challenging.

Headmistress’s Study #3 – CALSTAR

28 Jun

F/f;   time: 49 minutes

A long review for an entertaining film.

A familiar theme–a stern Schoolmistress (a model who play Top and Bottom) calls in a naughty pupil, spanks the daylights out of her, and then must confront an angry parent. In this scenario  in other films,  sometimes a schoolmistress will add the  mother’s panties to her collection, and sometimes the parent, if he or she is a heavy donor, gets her way with the Head. REDSTRIPE did a nice two-part story, where first the mother Dawn Deacon gets whipped at her daughter’s school, then she goes home and sees to whipping her daughter, the actress Catherine Corbett.

An attractive brunette actress, who can go both ways in her films, as she did memorably in ‘An English Compromise,’ calls in an equally charming blond student, Felicity Keegan. The set is a properly equipped classroom, including middle-level geometry on the chalkboard.

The girl struggles over her  lines a bit (an observation of amusement for us, because we’re not here for linguistics); she is about to be expelled and her mother is due here shortly. OTK she goes, “no more of this sniveling nonsense.” This actress spanks hard, high strokes, steady rhythm always, and with only a midly disguised erotic interest. The blonde’s bottom blotches immediately, and when her white panties come down, the color change line from bare skin to under the cloth is noticeable.

On her feet, skirt off, step out of knickers, she lets her blouse ride up just a bit to see unshaven juvenile fuzz. Over a desk, a large oval paddle increases the rouged bottom area, one of the fastest pinkings we’ve seen.

She will get the tawse on her palms, and instantly recoils from the thought. Both palms get it, and she can’t help her blouse riding up again. Cute. “Oh…this hurts more than the paddle.” The palm-slapping is filmed from over the shoulder.

Back over the desk, but not before she hands over that blouse. No bra. The caning begins. Once again, this domme actress is an efficient disciplinarian. She has the characteristic of snapping her wrist on each short stroke and always elicits shocked and pained responses. The first caning segment shows 50 fast-paced strokes, including repeats from colorful angles, one is an anguished face.

There is a pause for some conversation, then 30 more cane strokes, with some very intimate closeups, all-in-all very entertaining, non-brutal, punitive caning. The blonde’s bottom is a road-map of the handspanking, paddle, and cane.

The mother, Mrs. Keegan bursts in. “What the hell are you doing?” The headmistress sits her down to explain, while young Keegan stands totally naked behind the desk, facing us. Mrs. Keegan agrees to take a similar spanking herself if her daughter will not be expelled. Also, “It might just do the trick” to straighten Felicity out.

Mrs. Keegan goes OTK; the actress is a tall runway-style glamorous brunette, old enough to be Felicity’s mother only if she stayed out too late in high school. Dress up–a hard, professional bottom, only covered bya little thong. Thong off, her hard buttocks are small enough that her charms are fully on display. The headmistress lashes out with the floppy paddle,barely containing her pleasure. She wants the women to compare their bottoms when they get home. There is a suggestion the father may spank them again.

“Remove your dress and bend over the desk.” A push-up bra barely holds her breasts, and goodness, she is wearing a pussy ring. She banters with her daughter. “Shut up while I am beating you…it’s obviously not hard enough.”

Time for the cane. Ms. Keegan faces us, removing her bra. Total shave job, labia jewelry, enhanced breasts, the lady is a pro. Does Felicity know where her mother spends her time?  An extremely long caning sequence follows, 10 minutes. Almost 60 strokes are shown. Lots of repeats from excellent angles. An occasional “Ow, fuck” slips out, and the actress twists and surges her bottom and is given time to settle down when a stroke is particularly painful, so this is no fake cobbled-together caning. All through the scene naked Felicity watches facing us, with occasional closeups, in one of the longest frontals you will see.

Naked Felicity comes around the desk to witness her mother’s caned bottom. Two naked women, two well-spanked images. One can imagine a hot evening in store at home.

New Domestic Discipline #2 – BRITISH SPANKING

28 Jun

M/f; time: 39 minutes

The origins of this film and this producer are better known to the professional chroniclers of the CP industry. References to ‘Paradox Adult Film Entertainment’ and ‘Spanking for Pleasure’ encourage us that erstwhile British CP queen Sophie Fennington might have been in the front office.

A young brunette, ‘Lucy,’ who looks very much like the actress Rosaleen Young or a young Niki Flynn and performs with some of her signatures (although we have found no reference to this film in her biography), lolls among her stuffed animals, reading ‘Harry Potter,’ setting this film in about 1997. She sleeps naked, we’re happy to report, giving us a nude scene when she arises to put on her school uniform, including boater.

Lucy is staying with a male characfer we have praised in several CalStar distributions–he loves the female bottom. He’s called ‘Reggie’ in ‘A Mutual Agreement,’ among other appearances, and he gets into a girl’s knickers in the most entertaining, mischievous ways. No  exception here.

As a sort of spanking ‘uncle,’  he is appalled with Lucy’s schoolwork. He has talked to her headmaster and her parents. Confronting her, having laid the goundwork, “I am to act…in loco parentis…tonight…you know what you are in for.” He takes pleasure in telling her how hard the spanking, tawsing, strapping, and caning will be.

Another nude bathing scene, Lucy’s soft, youthful, natural body on display, every inch, including downy fuzz and sweet normal breasts; we FADE to the evening session underway. OTK, handspanking, on her black knickers. She makes “pathetic noises,” says Uncle. She calls him “pervert,” she is of course correct, but it costs her. “Let’s get those pants right down.”

Her bottom is blotchy already; he pins her struggling legs with his own, keeping up his characterisitic CP-related prattle, i.e. “Your bottom resembles one of your mother’s marvelous summer puddings.” He works her legs apart to stroke her inner thighs. “Pervert!” she mutters.

Uncle shows her his tawse. Lucy stands and strips naked–unfortunately this action was accelerated. Fuzzy pubic front, standing there in just knee socks and shoes. Cute stuff. Uncle fondles her head to toe.

Lucy bends over the couch arm, straddling it in her crotch. He straps her hard, sucking on his pipe, while she hollers after each stroke. She curls on the couch, naked in the fetal position, while he pours a cocktail and shows her the cane. This is a good actress–she reflexively reaches to cover her bottom when she sees the rattan.

Bend-over, hands on knees, legs “wide apart please.” very exposed. 10 slow strokes, hard enough to get anyone’s compliance. Pervy Uncle bends for a close look at what he has done to her buttocks: “I almost want to sink my teeth into it.”

He is an exquisite tormentor. He concludes her evening with a long, slow fondle of her as she stands nude for the camera, followed by another slow creaming of her bottom.

The Hairdresser Part 2 – MOONGLOW

28 Jun


An unremarkable film about a sloppy, lazy female beauty shop operator, set in a one room scene. An attractive brunette lolls in the messy shop–the place needs a cleanup and there are no customers. Her male boss is going to spank her–protests only last a few seconds.

He takes her OTK and briefly spanks her on her black slacks, before she stands and he unfastens and pulls down her slacks, partially dragging down her black panties. More unimpressive OTK, before she stands pants down against the wall.

The actor Joe Stwart arrives. He has been been hired as a disciplinarian from “CP Administrations.” Have Tawse, Will Travel, we guess. On the business card? In the Yellow Pages? A little more explanation of his appearance would have heightened the tension. He sets up his gear–implements, towels, clothing. He starts in on her again. Joe has never been a hard spanker in his films. “Take those trousers down, now!” 

The brunette is given a school uniform to change into (if kinky Joe is hired to do this work, he is pleasing someone’s fetish, his own?), a spiffy gray pinafore complete with bobby socks and, when she is back OTK, he is pleased with the regulation knickers she put on. More handspanking. He shows her a floppy paddle he brought, then we switch to the diaper position from a seated position on the couch, legs vertical, skirt bunched up, and knickers still in place. Not hard but humiliationg, she’s a good sport and doing well playing along with the schoolgirl thing.

The brunette kneels on the couch for the studded paddle, also used in moderation. She laughs a bit. Pants down–“I’m going to tell my manager on you.”

In some bad film continuity, her pants are back up and they laugh. He takes her school jumper from her and spanks with a round kitchen stirrer, creating bright round red marks.

The girl bends over a swivel chair, knickers at her thighs, for a brief session with the cane and then the paddle, reversing the traditional bottom-warming sequence, we guess because the cane hurt too much. “Getting my money’s worth, aren’t I?” Joe comments. Over the couch again for more cane, on the knickers and bare.

Lots of back-and-forth activity difficult and unnecessary to diagram. Hands-on-head at the wall, then to the couch for the leather paddle; Joe pulls her buttocks apart to look for marks–invasive, embarrassing, erotic and could be tried more often. Six more with the cane. “Kneel on the settee,”  for a large paddle.

She stands on the couch for the cane, putting her bottom at a shoulder-height swing for Joe. This could be smart if Joe leaned into his strokes, but he’s a wussy and won’t do it. She laughs again.

Resolved by Corporal Punishment #3 – RAVEN HILL

28 Jun

M/f; time: 32 minutes

It is Trina’s turn for punishment at Raven Hill Institute. She has accepted corporal punishment to  settle a legal claim for rent default. Her roommate Debbie was spanked in #2 of this series.

The explanations of the procedure and a synopsis of what Tierre Ainese calls “The Case of the Disappearing Roommates” take a full 11 minutes. Trina is a short, tawny-blonde, wearing a red jersey and very baggy khaki painters’ pants. In this entrie series, the girls appear quite normal, non-theatrical, and off-the-street.

Producer/spanker Richard Lewis sets the five minute timer, Trina pulls down her pants and panties and climbs OTK. Unlike her tall roommate, she is short enough that her feet are not off the ground. The three Internet cameras record the handspanking. No big impression is made on Trina.

Phase 2 with be the “CountySheriff” paddle, a thick holed wood paddle, so named for another film in which it was featured, 20 moderate strokes. Again, Trina bares her bottom herself, taking care to protect her front. Pants up, the girls are still giggling nervously.

Phase 3 will be the “Naked Violations” strap, a long floppy leather strap called  a reformatory strap in CP supply catalogues and similar to a razor strop. Trina pulls her pants down and climbs high over the padded bench RH used early in this series. Lewis takes some satisfaction in pulling her pants down a little further than she wanted them. The strapping is not noteworthy. This actress, very cute without her pants, must have had some arrangement.

Gambling Effects – 6666 PRODUCTIONS

22 Jun

M/f’; time: 54 minutes

Might be a Moonglow-style film from the mid-1980’s, and seems to be a rough unedited cut; several spanking sequences are partially repeated with the reflected image. there are numerous noises on-set–traffic, horns, voices, aircraft, power-tools, and in several places the director can be heard instructing the actors to hold that pose.

However, the plot and (we think it is) actress Susan Hope ranks high on our ‘spankable’ scale. We overlook the film’s imperfections, which we hope you’ll concur with when her assets are revealed.

Tattoo’d popeye-armed Joe Stewart happens across a guy spanking his girlfriend over a fence rail in a sunny outdoor setting. Susan, as ‘Jane,’ seems to be enjoying their lark. She is a tall frizzy auburn-redhead, fully 6″ taller than either of the men. Joe must smell an opportunity because he invites the boyfriend to play cards later. Jane senses disaster.

They meet that evening to play three-card no-draw poker, a game suited to moving things along in an hour film. The guy is soon losing to Joe and out of money. Jane sits with him, in a tiny tight red cocktail dress, all legs and boobs, trying to restrain his risk-taking. In the last hand,the boyfriend resorts to offering Jane for spanking to afford to call Joe’s last bet. The guy loses the hand, has lost his money, and Jane must stay behind. “You can take a taxi home.”

Gambling your girl’s bottom is a theme we’ve seen a few times–CalStar’s ‘Beaten at Cards’ and Nu West’s ‘Winner Take All’ are two from an incomplete list. Actress Ms. Hope soars above these on her own.

Joe relishes this statuesque morsel. He’ll start with his martinet. This will not be the patty cake we saw on Jane’s panties on the country lane. “No, please,’ when she sees it. “Get on the floor, get over the chair.” Joe lays the martinet hard on her tight skirt. She begs weakly, and the dress barely covers the subject. Joe rolls up the dress; Jane’s bottom is mostly bare but for a black thong and already quite red. “Very nice,” he whispers out, and begins fondling his trophy, the first of many times.

Jane kneels, head over the end of the couch, and catches a glimpse of the cameraman. “Open them legs.” He takes her thong down, very slowly. More spanking, sniffles begin. She lays flat on the couch–he pulls down the top of her dress and fondles a breast. Jane is his helpless plaything.

Her bottom is taking on major coloring, bruises and blotches, the result of Joe’s heavy spanking plus her fair and pale complexion.  she is red-faced and in tears almost continuously.

Back on the floor, dress up, thong down, for the hairbrush, the hardest yet. she begs to renegotiate. why should he, what does she have to offer? He gets an inspiration–they’ll play best-of-three hands–he’ll wager a caning, dressed in an outfit of his choosing, vs. all her money back.

Jane loses of course; Joe can’t be cheating, right there in front of her. She leaves and returns in a black bustier, panties, garters and stockings, collar, heels, and black lace gloves. Playtime for sure. “Very nice, bend over.i”

On the chair again, 8 hard strokes on the mostly bare buttocks. She gasps in surprise and the bruising just complicates. More tears.

Susan is moved to the couch to repeat those postures with the cane, but Joe (and maybe the director) is sufficiently concerned about how upset she is that they just talk for a few minutes, her breasts on display outside her bustier. Finally she kneels and counts out six “thank you, sir” snappy strokes, which she can barely survive. The same sequence is repeated three times.

Pervert Joe gets his baby oil. Susan’s buttocks show the dramatic history of the palm, strap, martinet, hairbrush, and cane. He tucks some bills in her thong, “…your taxi fare home.”

A good show after all. This actress had us convinced.

Punished In Paris – STONEFOX

21 Jun

F/f; year: 2011; time: 35 minutes

An intense little oeuvre from the ‘Hydromadam’ series; where enemas are mixed with good spanking, and with emphasis on the hindquarters. We guess that downloading provides the only access to the Hydromadam works at Stonefox.

‘Naughty Alli,’ a dmininuitve cute dark-skinned girl creeps into a Paris apartment, having stayed out all night partying. She calls a friend, the sun has risen. “I’m still drunk.” She undresses for bed, down to white panties and bra.

When she enters her bedroom, the Madame awaits her, holding a hairbrush. “Here you are in Paris….to get culture….not drinking, dancing, and boys! Those tattoos.”

“You’re going to pay for it with your behind.” The madame/guardian slaps the hairbrush in her palm. Alli is taken OTK on a loveseat and the madame starts a handspanking on the well-fitted polka dot panties. Down they come. “How old are you now?” “Nineteen.” (we got that little item out of the way.) Cute facials–Alli stares mournfully toward the camera. the long-handled brush stings. Alli scrambles around the room.

“I have something to prepare for you….to clean you out after last night.” While Alli pulls at her buttocks to see what damage has been done, there is the sound of water running in the bathroom.

We see the madame filling a classic red rubber enema bag. “Four quarts of what will set her straight.” She tests a long black nozzle in the tub, “for that tight little asshole.” (The hydromadam is getting herself and the rest of us quite worked up.) Bag hooked to the shower rod, all so sexy, she returns to Alli in the bedroom. “Before we begin,” she pulls a kitchen spoon kept handy in the bedside table for a mild spanking on the bed. Alli’s face reflected in the floor mirror. And, she has a rectal thermometer, which she is inserts slowly and carefully, spreading Alli’s cheeks. She checks the temperature and does it again! “Relax…stop tightening up…suck it in.”

“You got your spanking….now, a nice warm enema, a nozzle up your behind…there are punishment enemas, you don’t want to experience that.”

Alli removes her bra and the camera follows her bottom as she walks  into the bathroom and eyes the red bag. The hydromadam takes sadistic pleasure in showing her the 8″ nozzle. “We will manage to get it up that tight little asshole of yours.”

The madame revels in enema talk and shows the bag, hose, and clamp. She explains:  a “punishment enema” would involve cold water in a direct spray, not the sprinkle from this nozzle.

Alli is getting nervous. “But…but…I have to pee.” After the obligatory Stonefox urinating scene, the madame takes Alli OTK  on the toilet seat, carefully lubes the black nozzle, then slowly inserts it Alli’s anus, to her moans and shudders.

Then CLICK , the pressure device on the hose, melodramatically loud, is released. The madame reaches under Alli to feel her abdomen. “Are you nervous?…I see your legs shaking…a little bit more.”

Madame starts and stops the flow a few times. Alli looks mournfully at the camera. “Very good. We may have to do this again!” The madame teases the nozzle out slowly, then plop! “Oofa.” Alli is made to stand and show her distended tummy, bent over in her discomfort.

“Are you ready to expell all that?” Alli sits on the toilet. “This is embarrassing.”

Later that evening Alli is seen sneaking out of the apartment again. Maybe there is a sequel where she learns what the cold water feels like.


Resolved By Corporal Punishment #2 – RAVEN HILL

21 Jun

M/f; time: 32 minutes

The continuouslyentertaining series where girls accept being spanked on film in lieu of legal action. Debbie and Trina skipped out on their apartment rent, Raven Hill makes restitution, the landlord drops his charges, and the girls come to the studios for their part of the bargain.

Producer Tierre Ainese explains that hs partner RichardLewis “reviewed the case….and the girls saw the merits of a spanking in lieu of the $1300 (debt).”

Debbie and Trina arrive, giggle nervously as the procedures are explained, handle the spanking implements, and learn that this particular exercise is going to be broadcast live on the Internet. There will be three cameras–front, roving, and ceiling.

Debbie will be spanked in this film while Trina watches, quite chastened, already spanked. Raven Hill released Trina’s session in series #3. Debbie is a tall conventional brunette, not a showgirl-type or much of an actress, making her predicament and spanking all the more plausible. The first segment involves a five-minute OTK handspanking. After some hesitation, Debbie pulls down her own jeans and panties and settles over Lewis’ lap. A timer on the screen, like a sporting event, shows the elapsing five minutes. Her bare bottom bruises and blotches quickly in this segment. She giggles nervously and pulls her pants back up at the end.

For Debbie’s second session, she must bend over a padded table, and drops her pants again. This part involves 20 strokes with a strap–marks and welts immediately. Again, she regains her pants (and some of her composure) when she rises. Tierre asks her to look into the camera and thank the viewers at home for tuning in.

The last phase will be over Lewis’ lap for the hairbrush, which he has selected from a wire metal newpaper rack being used to hold the RH implement collection. Lewis has always enjoyed cracking a bottom with the hairbrush–there are many examples of his enthusiasm with this domestic humiliation in the Raven Hill catalogue. Pants down again–“Oh, shit!” she exclaims, and Richard quickly raises more bruises.

Tear-streaked Debbie hikes her pants and Lewis invites her to give a message to her landlord via the live feed–the finger! He had probably intended an apology.

Prefect’s Error – CONNOISSEUR CP

21 Jun

MF/3f;  time: 59 minutes

Another performance from actress Emma Brown, who despite her large and varied filmography, always retained an ingenue flair. She is still out there, working in one form or another. Here she is as a schoolgirl reporting to Prefect ‘Donna.’ Both girls wear matching plaid jumpers, blouses, and bobby socks. “Oh, Emma again.” Both girls chuckle over their lines.

The set is a hastily cleared room with a few school desks. ‘Emma’ is a naughty girl–she’s been drinking at clubs in town, drunk in public, smoking, sneaking around in the boys’ bathroom. Prefect Donna will spank Emma. Over a desk, Donna pulls up her jumper. an unauthorized thong does not cover the butterfly tattoo we have become so attached to on Ms. Brown’s left buttock.

A nice 10-minute sequence depicts the spanking with rear shots, facials, from the floor, and obliques. Donna gets the thong off, and uses straps, floggers, a martinet, and tawse. Emma is not as chatty and kicks in pain a few times. Out comes a short, very thick cane–20 strokes. “Stick it out,” screams Donna, smacking down Emma’s kicking legs, and a little more excited than she should be.

A shabby-looking female matron interrupts this session and goes to find a male supervisor. It seems Donna does not have unsupervised CP authority. The male teacher takes some pleasure in carefully examining the marks on Emma’s bottom and notices the lines on her ankles. He is going to spank but Donna AND the matron for this transgression.

Donna goes over the desk, jumper up. “These are not school knickers.” He starts a handspanking then decides he wants to  complete Emma’s punishment first; she’s been cornered, skirt up, tush in view. He straps her again; when he uses the cane for 10 more strokes, they are milder, the very tough Ms. Brown doesn’t even jump this time.  She is released, not before she gives us a naughty little frontal flash.

Back at Donna–over the desk, the matron handspanks her. The matron and the teacher spank her together, get in their fondles of her buttocks, and increase the intensity. He switches to the cane–a dozen strokes, hands-on-ankles for 10 more, none of them toe curlers.

The matron’s turn. She is double the age of the girls. Uniform up, over the desk, white panties down. Handspanking, straps, tawses. For some reason the guy spanks her the hardest, producing bruises and maybe little flecks of blood. Six with the cane over the desk, then six hands-on-ankles, creating that tight, hard bottom the purpose for this posture.