A Caning for Miss Granger – CALSTAR

1 Jun

M/f;  time: 39 minutes

Care was taken to depict a decent storyline here, resulting in greater tension when the spanking starts. The actor John North does the work, our “Reggie” character; a British CP film reviewer we have referenced and admire has found his work distracting. We appreciate North’s odd humor and off-handed ad lib dialogue as a deviation from the sometimes ponderous rhythms of formulaic CP screenplays.

Miss Granger, a dark redhead, modestly dressed and coiffed appropriately for an employee, arrives at the office and is confronted by Uncle Reggie (North). She has mishandled a huge contract for the company. He threatens dismissal. The pleading begins.

“I’ll do anything….anything.” Granger begs. “Anything? Are you offering me favors?” “No.” Reggie knows Miss Granger went to convent school. He shows her his cane and is curious about her CP experience.

“If I were to cane you, would it teach you to get to the DHL on time?” The actress laughs a bit, North is so unpredictable with his ad libs and stilted and corny with his Oxford-like cadence that actresses, even when naked and being spanked, often laugh. We remember him muttering as he picked through Minnie Champ’s knickers drawer in ‘Mutual Agreement.’

“Stand up, take off your jacket.” He explains that a bottom needs to be warmed up before a caning begins. Granger goes OTK and objects when Reggie rucks up her skirt to expose sweet lace panties.

She’s got a nice overall tan. Panties down, Reggie chortles, “Very nice bottom, Miss Granger.” Indeed. “I think we’ll have that dress off.” Granger sneaks up her pants in the process. OTK again, pants back down, she can’t resist another giggle when Reggie notes, “Delightful…you could roast chestnuts on these buttocks.”

Reggie, ever the devious pervert, sends Granger to her office, where he has placed a “little outfit” for her to put on. She returns as a naughty-looking schoolgirl. Reggie shows her a tawse, “the devil’s tongue.” She kneels on a chair, her blue knickers come down. He decides to pat some baby powder on her bare bottom, what he calls the “lull before the storm.”

“I want you to count out six and thank me.” “Yes, Mr. Barker.” The tawse strokes are mild. “Right, girl, gets those pants off…and the rest of it.” Granger presents a dramatic package when naked, having been nicely disguised by the conservative dress. She holds her skirt to cover her modesty.

More powder for her bottom. Reggie takes her skirt from her hand. We have that nice little contrast of a young lady strak naked in an office setting. Over the desk for the cane. The filming at an oblique angle catches the 20 strokes on her bottom, her face and lovely boobs crushed on the desktop. Reggie is proud of himself, “Umm, remarkable canesmanship.” He carefully caresses her bottom with an ice cube, then a biref lecture, a good tweak of one nipple and she leaves, giving us the briefest glimpse of a slim mohawk and an almost full body-tan.

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