Family Matters – KURT STEVENS

1 Jun

M/f; year: 2004; time: 45 minutes

Kurt Stevens himself plays an authentic-looking ‘uncle’ who is going to lay down the law for his college-girl niece, Sarah, played skillfully by an innocent-enough blonde, who is impudently resistant to being punished but equally mindful she is in acadmeic and financial trouble as she parties through college.

Uncle brings her to a m0tel room, a theme we’ve seen several times in our limited Kurt Stevens experience. The suggestion of such an illicit setting enhances the naughty inappropriateness of the blackmail spanking Stevens will perform. He has spent $25,000 on her, she’s a ‘little princess.’ “I think you need a lot of discipline….” Sarah flips her hair and shrugs with her teenage disdain at her predicament, increasing the tension for what surely is coming.

He is going to withdraw his support, unless of course…”I think you need to deal with the consequences…a damn good spankkng.” Sarah is appropriately shocked in a facial closeup. “You can’t be serious.” Accusatory camera angles make you eager for him to get to work on her. She sits and stews, camera holding  on her face, given time to think it over, then accepts. She wants to keep her car, her life. A little skin off her bottom might not be too bad.

She is sent to the bedroom in this ‘motel’ suite. “Go to the next room and take off your top and jeans.”  When Uncle enters, Sarah has stripped to girlish innocent white bra and panties and is submissive. OTK on the bed, Uncle quickly strips her panties down to her ankles. Very sweet package, all the more erotic on the motel bed. She squeaks at his strokes and kicks her bare feet.

They stop then reposition and start again. What happened in the sequence? His gentle slapping start has begun to escalate. She now yelps. “You’re starting to get nice and warm [in his Philadelphia accent].” And red too, we would point out.

Panties all the way off. Bottom full-screen. Very sexy for us at this point.

Next position. On the bed, pillows under hips. Sarah transitions, keeps her front covered and her bra still on. He begins with a paddle and flicks the snap on her bra, which slips free as she surges. When Sarah tells her friends about this filming, she will remember the paddle.

Another position, bent over the motel desk chair, legs straight, for the completion of the paddling. At the conclusion she sits naked and contrite on the motel bed, just the slightest glimpse of her charms. You can’t help hoping she will need a reminder at the end of next semester.


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