Girls In Trouble – CALSTAR

1 Jun

M2F/2f; time:  53 minutes

An oldie, and probably the product of George Harrison Marks in his ‘Kane’ era. He makes a cameo appearance at the conclusion, and the film has the rollicking, helter-skelter tempo of his work.

A sexy brunette wiggles her bottom as she stands in front of a mirror in a nightie. A big blonde rings her doorbell. “Why are you dressed like that?” the blonde wants to know, accusing the brunette of fucking her boyfriend George. “I’m going to get to the bottom of this,” as they wrestle onto a bed too mussed to have been from one person. Panties down, full pubic thatch for the film era, cussing and swearing, but hardly a memorable spanking.

In another scene, Jenny, another blonde, is naked in the tub, washing slowly in secret places, in a characteristic GHM nudie scene. The brunette comes in and climbs into the tub in her nightie for a lesbian scene. These two are the lovers-George is not involved.

Jenny apologizes to the first blonde, vouching for her brunette-lover. The blonde apologizes to the brunette she spanked and they start up in bed, then she discovers both girls have slept with George. [a dog runs barking through the scene]

In drawing-room comedy fashion, more characters on-screen, Jenny’s brother arrives, starts spanking the blonde, and finds a ‘Kane’ magazine. “Is that where you get your ideas from?” Spanking, strapping, nightie off, low camera angles between her legs. Marginally silly stuff. “You pig,” she protests.

He has a cane. “Touch your toes.” She puts on high heels to enhance things, bends over and peers at us through open thighs. About a dozen strokes in all, filmed in confusing repeats. He slaps her thighs for good measure.

To complete the confusion, GHM arrives and gores upstairs to join the fun with the randy girls.

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