Monastery of Misery – CALSTAR

1 Jun

M/3f; time: 49 minutes

Actor Michael Dawes in full monk’s robes, attended by two hooded ‘brothers’ as witnesses. This film was difficult to find–maybe religious references have become less acceptable. We love Dawes’ fascination with the female anatomy and forgive his occasional bumbling style, which seems to put off some reviewers. He always zeros in on the task at hand, and this is no exception. He is in his pre-shaggy phase here–his bald pate just developing and helpful for this monk role.

The scene is the brick-walled, hardwood-floored open room set used occasionally, excellent for sound effects, and this time echoes are more controlled so dialogue is clear. ‘Brother’ Dawes has captured three civilian girls for infractions. Each successively will get the full  CALSTAR dose, as only Dawes can do it, bare-bottom spanking with witnesses, called ‘ritual punishment,’ bare female flesh vs. coarse monks’ habit.

The actress Georgette Neale, just about popping out of her clothes, is brought in first, for some local offense we missed. “Remove your top.” She refuses, but soon relents, exposing huge, high, show-stopping boobs she presents with fierce pride. “We’re going  to start with a normal handspanking…remove your jeans.” Again she resists, but relents. After some sexy belt unfastening and unzipping, she is down to thong and boots. Dawes adjusts his robes and takes her OTK, removing her thong, just for the ritual. Dawes always spanks slowly and selectively, mindful of the full cycle the bottom-at-hand must undergo.

She stands–he twirls her so we can see absolutely everything, before she kneels up on a straight upholstered chair for the soft oval paddle then the more impressive floppy leather paddle/strap. “Are you ready for the ritual caning?” What is a girl supposed to say? She sits on the chair to remove her high boots and tangled jeans and thong from her ankles, an erotic interlude.

Back up on the chair, naked but for little socks (dirty studio floor?), she takes about a dozen cane strokes. Because she rests her knees toward the outer edge of the chair and leans over as much as she can, she bravely puts her thighs and buttocks crease in play. And 12 is not enough for Ms. Neale, smart-mouthed, disrespectful sort that she is. She stands, hands-on-chair, bare bottom toward the camera for another dozen. “Come and inspect her bottom, brothers.” Good catch, Brother Dawes.

The monastery mousetrap has snared a tall more mature redhead, caught trespassing. You’d think the neighborhood girls would know better. Presumably because the glamorous Ms. Neale got the full boat, punishments must be accelerated. We go right to the paddle and cane. Jeans down, hands-on-chair, white pants south, for both paddles. “You’re a tough cookie, aren’t you?” Dawes always savored the squeals he elicits and observes when his customer is stoically silent. Jeans and boots off, she takes twenty strokes from the cane. Someone on the set calls out, “Higher,” and Dawes obliges. Major wheals appear–it is a fierce caning.  She is tough.

The third girl to be brought in, a brassy blonde, was caught throwing stones and breaking windows, only a Category ‘C’ offense here at at monastery, warranting a “handspanking, bare bottom, a paddling, and a few cane strokes.” Dawes loves to articulate these CP lines. She is slowly positioned OTK. Dawes unzips and lowers her little skirt himself and then urges her further over his lap so her buttocks are highest.

Thong panties down, “such lovely cheeks,” spoken by a monk, no less! He spanks and paddles. T-shirt off, down to red bra. Dawes proudly shows her “the hardest strap made here a century ago.” She is bent over the busy chair and he whacks away. “Splendid sound on those nates, this gives.”

Because of the Category ‘C,’ she gets a “mere ten” of the cane. She gasps her way through 10 very good shots–we can actually watch the lines develop. Little teasing glimpses of her fuzzy front.

Three girls were punished today at this silent order.  The observing ‘brothers’ look like girls who have shown up early for the next shoot.

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