Behind Closed Doors 3 “Don’t Drive Your Car – REDSTRIPE

2 Jun

 M/2f; year: 1997; time: 60 minutes

In the continuation of a series from this prolific producer of traditional-type CP stories. Bill (played by impresario the late  Ivor Gold) kisses his wife goodbye for the day with the admonition “Don’t drive the car.” Girlfriend Tippy comes by, absolutely must make a trip to the hairdressoer, and sure enough, they damage the car. Hiliary knows she was betting her fanny and is brave enough to call Bill and tell him, and she knows what’s coming. She discusses spankings with friend Tippy and admits that sometimes she likes it.

In anticipation of Bill’s arrival, she lays out the spanking implements and puts on tight white knickers, although she hides the hairbrush. Bill returns, sees the preparations, and notices the brush is gone. It must be a favorite of his.

He finds the brush, she goes OTK lengthwise on the couch, and the evening’s festivities commence. Tippy returns to apologize and walks in on the spanking. Two beautiful girls and clear sailing for Bill. Tippy would like to act as a surrogate and take Hiliary’s dose, even though Hiliary is now bare-bottom in front of her.

Tippy is taken OTK; Bill acts oh-so-reluctant but in short order has his wife’s friend’s pants down. “Allen (her husband) should have done this to you a long long time ago.” When Tippy reaches back to cover herself, Bill explains,  the house rules are he slaps bare thighs until she stops, and extra cane strokes are earned.

A third girl, Claire, enters, Tippy’s niece, in schoolgirl kit, to add that spice to the CP mix. Wife Hiliary is spanked again, with the hairbrush Claire found. Sobs. Tippy’s turn again no one is modest about their nudity now. After the hairbrush for Tippy, she bends for a strap. Same for Hiliary. Claire is sent home.

Bill is pumped up. “Tell her what happens next.” “He’s going to cane you.” Bill wants Tippy on the couch, pillows under her hips, “so your bottom is sticking right up.” 18 hard strokes–she was to count 15 aloud but got rattled. Bill doesn”t hesitate to tell Tippy he’s had an eye on her bottom for a caning for a while. The camera holds a closeup as she rubs.

Hilary is next,  and assumes what she knows is the “usual position.” She hears the sentence: “Twenty-four. I love hyou.” She counts at least 24 aloud, in gasping whispers. She rubs and they hug at the conclusion.

Cheeky Tippy is going to get more. Hands-on-knees, “three more.” Bill has spanked through the available bottoms this day.


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