Blakey’s Seven – CALSTAR

2 Jun

M/f; time: 29 minutes

A guy cruises in his Mercedes and picks up an Asian schoolgirl ambling along the street. She recognizes him as ‘Blakey,’ a rock star, and is easily convinced to come back to his place with him. The scene at his home is a disheveled sitting room, where the camera will stay. They chat and she accepts two or three fingers of Jack Daniels, neat.

She loosens up quickly. He gets her chatting about being naughty snd getting spanked; she is bold enough to pull up her skirt and show her marks, including one legitimate mean cane mark which still shows from her last video, “from the headmistress.”

We now see why he cruises for schoolgirls after their classes. She shows him how she goes OTK and right away he teases down her knickers, letting them gather at the base of her buttocks to protect the nasty cane wheal. She laughs, she’s a groupie, and he’s a rock star!

He starts to spank, is not satisfied, and wants something more severe. “What do you mean, ‘more severe’?” He has implements within reach and shows her his “handy spanker,”  a small spatula-sized paddle. It sitngs–he’s experienced; he says he spanks better than he sings.

Up for tush inspection; blazer off. “Get undressed.” He picks up his cane. Blouse off, no bra; heavy pubic thatch, nice nudie interlude. “Kneel down.” She licks the cane. “How hard do you want it?” “As you wish.”

She kneels on the couch, panties still protecting the cane mark. Blakey canes in sets (he must watch Nu West tapes when he can’t pick up girls), about 15 groups of strokes, at least 75 swishes, some in clusters which send her howling. Wild, sexy, unusual stuff. At the conclusion her welts are visible in clusters.

Her last 6 strokes: a classic bend-over, palms flat on the floor, the protecting knickers now at her ankles. She dresses, thanks Blakey and says she had fun, and agrees to come back with her friends for a spanking party with the Blakey band.


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