Camera Caning Club – CALSTAR

2 Jun

2M/f; year: 1995; time: 35 minutes

Also released as ‘Test Thrashing.’ Two sleazy amateur photogrpahers, Joe and Bill, have a mostly naked girl in their grasp. They think she is auditioning and she thinks she is performing and being paid. A bit of a misundertanding, and not in her favor, because she is gettiing spanked by the two of them.

Brunette actress Laura West: “I hope it doesn’t take too long. It’s hurting like mad.” They put her in various poses on the bed, photographing and spanking her. She is willing and even amused, thinking she is being paid and the boys are excited, thinking they are getting to torment her for the fun of it.

Her bottom is bare most of the way. She has particularly amazing luxuriant pubic hair, which is the subject of fascination, by both the camera and the boys, throughout the video. Her knees and thighs are kept wide apart in all postures, so she is in virtually pornographic poses in every sense. The boys feel, frig, probe, and finger every chance they get.

She is spanked, strapped, paddled, cropped, and finally caned. The prop bed on which they cavort actually breaks at one point. As the spankings progress, she begins to be less amused. “I feel different about this one [leather paddle]…please be gentle.” “Oh, it hurts too much.” “Just be careful, OK?”

Her clothes keep coming off.

“I think we ought to finish an audition with the cane. We don’t give certifications without the cane.” Naked by now, she gets twice the cane strokes’ she agreed to. “You said you were finished. You lied to me.” No one is laughing any more. At the conclusion, the boys eagerly try to “smooth it down” (her bottom), which they do with more handspanking. She doesn’t like it. “That’s not smoothing it down!” There is time at the conclusion for another rub and a bit of a frig.


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