Discipline South African Style (Learning Their Lesson) – OTK/UNIFORM DISCIPLINE

2 Jun

2F/2f; time: 53 minutes

Some diverting entertainment; two cute schoolgirls wiggle their little bodies around a wind-blown train platform, sneak a smoke, and are caught by school matron Stella Shipman. That’s an automatic reporting to the Headmistress, played by the cunning and wristy Miss Gillian Lancer. “Come back at 4 PM precisely.”

At four, Matron requires the girls to change clothes, into punishment frocks, it would appear. Miss Lancer arrives, the girls wait hands-on-head, scene is a brick walled dressing room used by OohTeeKay–the film makers know the echo potential. Brunette Victoria is taken OTK and spanked on white panties, the taller brunette Theresa gets the same. This actress Miss Lancer handspanks with hard, high strokes, wildly, covering both cheeks and thighs in an irregular fusillade.

Matron enters with a tawse. The girls bend over the changing bench and are strapped alternately by both women, on the white pants, 4 strokes at a time. “Bare bottom” is threatened if they mess about. As in all OohTeeKay, TALK, TALK,TALK.

Victoria must change into a South African school uniform, fetch a school desk, bend “right over” for the cane. Again the women, who are probably salivating and wetting their own knickers, alternate with the cane. Matron–3 on the white panties, Miss G.–4; then Matron a half-dozen on the bare and Miss G 8 of the same. It took 32 minutes to see some bare tush. Again, Miss Gillian’s angry wrist snaps make up for the incessant banter.

Theresa’s turn–she must put on cute khaki shorts and a long shirt, she is asked to model for us, nice because she’s going over the desk next. Same caning procedure, a few more on the bare, and very good marks.

Miss Lancer has completed her task and turns the girls over to the Matron. Would have been entertaining if at this point there was a reference to the punishment turning in a real blue-collar direction, but Matron only requires the girls spank and cane each other, on cloth and on skin. Not memorable.

Re-dressed in school kit, Miss Lancer inspects them and quibbles, canes the girls’ palms (always gets yelps), and they are dismissed.


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