The Electricity Inspector Part 1 – ENGLISH SPANKERS

2 Jun

M/f; time: 20 minutes

A female club operator fails inspection with the Electrical Code officer and attempts to seduce him. She is a plausible actress and actually looks like a businesswoman, which makes her fate all the more erotic. Dark hair, breezy polka dot dress, bustling persona. the setting is multi-room, garishly decorated, empty club.

She maneuvers the inspector to a couch, lets her skirt ride up and sends some seductive signals. She suggests he use some “discretion and stop being a pen pusher,” and a little more aggressively, “perhaps there is something I can do for you.”

Faux indignation, which is what you do when you want to get somebody’s pants off. “Are you trying to bribe me….I ought to spank your bare bottom.” The lady laughs, she has scored!  Trade her bottom for some inadequate wiring.

OTK, skirt up, her blue polka dot panties match her dress and hair band. The knickers are delicious little things, bikini-cut with tie-ties. They are soon down to display a perfect unmarked bottom.

After a handspanking she stands and drops the panties. Hopefully, “Are you done?” The inspector: “Do you think we are done?” Back OTK, more handspanking, full-screen closeups. The cinematic quality is so sharp that the inspector’s white finger inprints show on her red bottom after each smack.

“Your bottom is almost the color of the walls…I shall reconsider your application.” The scene fades as she rubs and we head out to find Part 2.

(we found it: ‘Health and Safety 2’ see separate review.

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