Bad Deal – CALSTAR

3 Jun

F/f; year: 1997; time: 30 minutes

This unimaginative non-epic is coupled with ‘Stage Fright.’ In ‘Bad Deal,’ a hefty black woman with an elegant non-Caribbean British accent, seems to be in show business and is angry with an employee of hers who spends 1100 pds on baking soda which was supposed to be cocaine for a party.

So of course the girl must come up with 1100 pds and will be spanked also. She is taken OTK quickly, trousers down, gold sik panties bunched. The woman gets off to a good start, spanking very hard, but something must have happened, because the intensity and speed diminish. The girl bends over a wood straight chair for a soft oval paddle. She is a redeeming feature in this weak film–olive skinned, with a carefully coiffed helmet of brunette hair, but most importantly, strong athletic legs and a hard firm bottom, that of a dancer.

After a little taste with the stiff leather spanker, she pulls off her top and kneels on all fours, hobbled by her trousers, in just bra and pants. The boss woman is definitely having her fun as she slashes back and forth with the spanker while the girl obliges by arching her back. Pretty facial closeups. A lot of spanking time is wasted with caressing and walking around. “How about if I did this at the party and let everyone do it?”

The girl stands and faces us for the obligatory frontal look. The woman pulls down her bra, fondles her breasts, and slaps all part of her body with the paddle. “On your knees….I have a special treat for you.” The cane, of course. “Kiss it.” The girl crawls around on the floor to get positioned for the camera. About 20 mild’ish strokes including repeats.

The girl stands, removes her laced boots and the tangle of pants and panties at her ankles and is mantelpieced. Legs wide, her powerful bottom at its most attractive, for another 25 strokes.

Then, hands flat on the floor, knees locked–definitely a dancer!…for another dozen mild ones. She is finished and sent out to buy more drugs, “but taste it first this time.”

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