Punishment Podium – CALSTAR

3 Jun

M/f2f; M/f;  time: 52 minutes

Two storylines create separate spanking scenarios. We’ll review each in its entirety, even though the episodes are presented woven together.

In the first story, Michael Dawes receives a call. His girlfriend has gotten “the job,” and the agency caller asks him to give her a practice spanking when she gets home, which amuses and excites him. Lisa bops in from her tennis game, spiffy and buoyant in white top and pleated skirt. Michael tells her the agent has gotten her the job she sought, which is going to involve CP, but that he has been asked to give her a test spanking at home.

“You’re kidding….no way!” Michael cajoles–“Think of the the 400 pds, we could use the money right now.” She calls the agency and confirms that this isn’t just some trick of Michael to get her pants down. He can hardly contain the smile on his face and would probably like to adjust his pants right about now. Lisa relents. She is a small dark-skinned brunette, full of vigor and fun.

Michael flicks up her short skirt and admires her rather non-Wimbledon white panties then eases her OTK on the CalStar white sectional. A slow and erotic handspanking, pants slowly tugged down. Lovely. They both giggle at some inaudible dialogue. He holds her bottom centered in his lap like a treasured vase or a sleeping kitten. “They’re going to want more than this for their 400 pds.”

Lisa stands, pulls off her top, is not wearing a bra, then unfastens her skirt and is totally naked, a trim, girlish body, completely nut-brown, one color, every square inch front and back. a nifty little mohawk. He twists her as he does with his trophy girls–spanking completed and successful. “You’ll be delighted,” he tells them when he calls the agency.

The second story: the female manager of a nightclub is auditioning dancers, daytime, using the club podium and stripper’s pole. Actress Tiffany Jones, young, trim, and beautiful, in a little top, bare midriff, and toreador pants, is the first applicant. She lies about her age and is salty while she preens on the podium for the manager. “You have the nerve to cheek me in my own club?…pull your pants down now and let’s see how much you really want the job.”

The manager straps her on gauzy white panties while she bends over on the podium. Next, some OTK seated on the podium–hard, fast smacks, not paddy cake. Some more of the strap with Tiffany lying on the podium. She jumps and squirms with the best of actresses and surely is not unfamiliar with flashing her behind on a stage. She pulls her own panties down for more spanking. That bottom won’t remain still. Wonderful closeups.

The manager shifts to the cane and she is not very good at it. Weak backhand, much stronger off the forehand side. Tiffany gasps. “You’re lovely in pink.” Tiffany’s session is complete. The two women prepare for a “Russian girl,” the next applicant. This girl, another tall dancer-built brunette, wears a pink dress so tight you’re not sure at first she is not naked. The manager and Tiffany: “Absolutely perfect.”

The Russian doesn’t have  “her papers,” which toughens the interview and increases the intensity of the spanking audition. “Have you ever been spanked……let’s try.”

OTK on the podium, dress pulled up and not easily, pale pink thong almost imperceptible. Long, hard handspanking by the experienced Ms. Jones. The manager spanks her with a stiff leather spanker–stinging smacks which make her jump at each stroke.

“Have you been striped….have you seen the cane?” 10  strokes from Tiffany on a wiggling bottom. A  few from the manager with some wrist action instruction from Tiffany.

Onto the podium, dress off, the Russian poses nude, like a Greek maid in a fountain pool. Twirls of course and full views. She gets the job too. Full employment in this video, for the bottom price.

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