The Bounder – CALSTAR

4 Jun

M/2f;  year: 1999; time: 26 minutes

An oldie, as shown by the tonsorial pubic hair styles and the trim youthful familiar male lead, and suddenly, despite its innocence and absurdity,  one of our all-time favorites. A hooded male has snared an attractive redhead walking through the woods, stripped her clothes off, tied her naked to a tree, and is spanking and fondling her. The characterization reminds us of classic pornography, where innocent girls, farm maidens vs. villians,  are jumped in the forest by hooded assailants and given a few lessons while tied to a tree, although using different tools.

Here, the bondage is slightly playful–the ropes are loose, the handspankings are casual, and there is no violence. The redhead’s stark pink body contrasts with the foliage and the sunlight.

The hooded bounder leaves her for a minute. We see another girl, a striking blonde, gamboling along the path, dressed in an airy two-piece outfit and white high heels. She is attracted to the cries of the redhead and moves to release her when, in a nonce, the bounder returns, grabs her and now there are two pretty girls tied to the tree.

This particular bounder is interested in girls’ bottoms. He raises the blonde’s little white skirt and smacks her mostly bare buttocks. Both girls giggle and squawk at the same time, preventing a mean edge from developing, and ensuring we view this improbable theme with a certain sardonic view. The bounder spanks both girls and pulls down the blonde’s pants and produces a large leather embossed paddle. The girls twist and dodge, providing glimpses of the goodies and the two lovely bodies. Lots of fun here. The blonde is possessed of two admirable gluteal dimples.

The bounder unfastens the blonde, pulls her top off so that she is nude, and takes her to an adjacent spot for an OTK spanking. At this point the bounder leaves the girls naked and bound, having taken their clothes with him, in the woods in the gentle breeze.

The girls disintangle themselves from not-so-tight bindings and run across Elysian fields stark naked, except for their high heels, find and knock on the door of a glorious mansion, seeking help.

Who answers the door? None other than young thin actor Michael Dawes! Full head of hair, lean as a nail. That voice under the mask in the forest! He shows no surprise at two naked girls on his doorstep and they don’t seem too disturbed either by their predicament, making no attempt to cover their assets.

He invites them in and they stand stark naked in the paneled entry hall of his manor. He inspects their nudity very carefully. They are only casually concerned with covering up to avoid his gropes. He has an idea–he’ll find some clothes and pay them 200 pds each if they will take a caning from him.

These not-so-shy bunnies accept and shift from heel to heel naked in the hall while Michael retrieves a cane. Of course the high heels have survived all this.  There follows a brief but one of the most surprising and fierce canings you will see from CALSTAR. He asks the girls’ names. Anne, the striking blonde with tawny pubic fuzz, is teased to “bend right over” for one sizzling stroke. Lisa is the redhead and takes her one stroke.

This then was the sample stroke. Anne is bent arched over the grand piano, much attention paid to positioning her glamorous body over this equally statusque piece of furniture. She takes four very hard and spaced strokes–mean marks rise as we watch. Bottoms full screen, bonus glimpses when she twists in pain. Lisa takes her strokes. Her “sample” has raised a major welt. The girls’ gasps are mixed with nervous laughter. The actor Dawes goes on his career to be the very devil with the cane. He examines Anne’s buttocks closely. “This little cheek doesn’t seem to be disturbed much,” and he soon fixes that.

This short but wicked and exciting caning concludes. He goes up the grand staircase to find clothes. Voices upstairs are his family, who don’t seem to mind him whipping two pretty naked girls in the hall.

He returns with clothes, which the girls recognize as their own and figure how they got spanked on bare skin twice in one day, by the same Bounder! Dawes admits he he actually has no money. The girls hustle off naked as he shouts after them lest there be a third session.

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