Caned By Major Jenkins – CALSTAR

5 Jun

M/3f; year: 2004; time: 53 minutes

We have to dig deep to praise this one. A silver-haired smooth guy stops by a brothel during daylight hours and tells the madame, Jasmine, at her cash register, that all he wants today is to do some spanking. They look through an observation window at the merchandise—three girls loll on pillows in a chintzy showroom setting.

He will spank all these girls, one at a time, and asks to use the house “whipping bench.” We heard him called “Brian,” and did not hear any reference to ‘Major Jenkins.’ The girls are pros and perfectly happy, willing, and cheerful about being spanked for their fee.

 Tanya, a chubby tattooed brunette, comes upstairs first to be spanked. The room decor reminds us of a 1960’s American pizzeria, with the exception of the nude sketches on the wall. She is cooperative, first OTK on the couch, in just a bra and split skirt. After some reasonable handspanking, skirt down, thong down, Brian directs her to move to the spanking bench, where she kneels with some familiarity and assurance and spreads her knees for balance. Brian spanks her in the CalStar sequence–the oval soft paddle, the floppy leather strap/paddle, and once her bottom is warm, the cane. About a dozen strokes, repeats, some choppy editing, including a moment halfway through where it looks like Tanya started to rise and stop the proceedings.

Tanya takes her bare bottom downstairs and sends up blond Samantha, another linebacker by CP film standards. The exact same spanking procedure transpires–we’re desperate for some variety here. “You’re ready for the trestle now.” Same paddles and cane. “We need to give you at least 20 strokes of the cane for my money.” She does take at least 20, making up for Tanya’s breakdown. Marks show early. Her bottom quivers at the cane touch. Pubic styles set this film earlier than 2004.

Another solid girl, a brunette, is third and last. Same punishment process and almost 20 strokes of the cane. She is easily the most brave, and happens to show welts, marks, bruises etc. the earliest of the three girls.

At this emporium, we’d suggest part of the girls’ fee be directed to an interior decorator and to Weight Watchers.

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