Debbie’s Spanking – NU WEST

5 Jun

F/f; year: 1981; time: 34 minutes

Early and primitive Nu West, which we accessed through a website we admire. If perchance you are not familiar with Nu West, for many of us spankos the touchstone of CP, this is not the film to learn on. Watch this space for other reviews from us. This film is an historical document from NW, converted by someone from 8 mm silent film, and contains a music soundtrack and storyboard inserts. It is no longer listed in the NW catalogue, possibly too crude, but we recommend it if it falls your way, as further evidence of the clever and imaginative mind of Ed Lee, the founder and creator at Nu West. The filming is dark and grainy, with some spyhole views, creating a noir porno/smoker voyeur ambiance.

The copy we viewed came in two parts:

FIRST: A woman has been sent to a girl’s house to spank her. There is a brief skuffle before Debbie submits and takes off her robe–she is bare-breasted and wearing just white panties, garters, and stockings. OTK for a hard session with a hairbrush, an implement conveying parental displeasure when used like this. Lots of bottom rolling, (silent) squawking, hair flying, breasts bobbing.

The woman ties Debbie to a chair for the large conventional mean-looking fraternity paddle. Mostly fake strokes with Debbie’s bottom away from the camera for part of the sequence.

The next posture is rather bizarre if this were a parental or family discipline session. It would appear here that the spanker-woman is hired. The young lady is on the floor, her wrists and ankles cuffed and tied to a doorknob over her head so that she is in the diaper postion for a naughty strapping on her exposed bottom and full thighs. Good crying, tearful desperate face.

SECOND: ‘Cindy and the Hairbrush’: Actress Debbie as ‘Cindy’ wears traditional schoolgirl garb and has brought home a bad report card. (Who does not remember those blue booklets?), with a notation which reads: “A sound spanking is recommended.”

Cindy’s Aunt Brenda positions a straight chair ritual-style and she reaches under Cindy’s skirt and yanks her panties down while she stands waiting to go over. These are the ritual spanking gestures Nu West excels in above all others for our tastes. The spanking is mild, again the camera is on the wrong side for part of the action. The rear shot, when it comes,  is perfect. A hard, firm, shapely bottom.

Another scene, another bad report card–the paddle was promised this time, again the big American fraternity model, and again punches are pulled. We have seen Nu West use full-swing strokes for this big paddle, but not here. Cindy is bent over, hands-on-knees. good rear views of this erotic posture. The scene concludes with Cindy appropriately cornered, her skirt up, pants down, and very uncomfortably on her knees.


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