Reform School #2 – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

6 Jun

2MF/4f; time: 49 minutes

Earlier work from RIGIDEAST, and filled with the raw, edgy, harsh discipline characteristic of this period before LUPUS thought they were a movie making company. Young girls are brought to a private home for a regimen of unpleasant correction, sort of the opposite of a foster home.

Typical of RGE, the spankings start immediately. The Mistress of this ‘halfway house’ has brought a young brunette to her bedroom. The girl immediately strips off the house uniform–pajama-style striped jersey and lounge pants, and kneels on the bed. Mistress pulls down her white panties and we see why the girl is so compliant. Her bottom is already bruised and she knows hesitation is not a good idea.

The Mistress begins a long, hard spanking. The girl spreads her knees to maintain balance and the camera finds its way from below. The meek girl climbs down, leans on the bed, and squeals during a roaring dose of the cane, full and rapid swings from the Mistress. This is what happens in the evening if you err during the day. It is reform school. The Mistress is loving her work.

A diminuative blonde is escorted to the house, admitted, and witnesses the above caning in its full glory. The new girl sees what is in store for her. A male staff member (the wicked caning actor Jan from ‘Wild Party I and II’) takes the half-naked brunette away by her ear, presumably to continue her punishment and whatever else he has time for.

The Mistress sits at the dining room table, signing in the blonde and releasing the escort who delivered her. Tension builds. Another male staffer arrives, brandishing a strap. A female inmate brings her a clean uniform; a second male staffer arrives, to begin the punishment. He pulls up her skirt and slaps her thighs, front and back. In any spanking film, this seems to sting the most. He doubles her over his knee, standing, and smacks her flower-pantied bottom. The initiation takes 10% of the film; the camera pans to the crucifix on the wall, to communicate the penitence to be drilled in.

The blonde takes off the rest of her clothes and is buck naked now except for sneakers and white knee socks. The male attendant slaps her palms, then over the dining room table for the strap—low intrusive closeups; the Mistress holds her hands, no slacking here.

Time to find the olive, as the saying goes. The man puts on a rubber glove in the ritualistic manner and gropes between her legs. She is finished for now and slowly puts on the new uniform. She is escorted to their quarters, where the girl she saw being whipped is nursing her bottom.

Blackout/new scene: the four girls we have seen are lined up, hands-on-head, in what looks like a come-to-Jesus moment about to occur. They are confronted by the Mistress and her two male helpers. The girls drop their slacks to white panties. The first girl we saw caned will be forgiven this session, The other two brunettes and the blond newbie strip to just white panties and each goes over a lap of one of the three staffers.

A group OTK begins, panties come down. This is not filler material–the spankings are hard and increase in intensity. The girls dress again, but this session has another phase. The little blonde is first–naked again, she is helped into the diaper position on a padded table and birched very hard. She squeals and squirms so much that one man can’t hold her, so they strap her to the table–the blanket cover is used as a bolster to elevate her bottom. These RGE folks miss no erotic details. The man birches her bottom and thighs in this position. She struggles like a hooked fish but is helpless.

All three girls will now be caned on this table. The brunettes are fastened down in turn and are given fast hard sessions. The Mistress steps in at one pont to instruct the male on more severe strokes, and the girl jumps noticeably at the increased intensity from the evil Mistress. Their bolstered bottoms quickly show the effects of the cane. The little blond new girl is not to be overlooked. She is naked also and soon back over the table. Her caning is just as fierce in spite of her previous punishment –she kicks up her legs in agony.

The naked girls are inspected by the three supervisers–front and back, giving us the same leisurely looks. They are dismissed, they dress quickly, and two of the girls disappear into adjoining rooms. The two men, after confirming that the Mistress has safely returned to her office, follow the two girls into their rooms, to collect their reward which is the job perquisite.


always finds time for another punishment. As the two men conclude their day downstairs, the Mistress has the third girl, the small brunette, in her bedroom/office. The girl strips nude but for her panties, kneels on the bed, the Mistress tugs her pants down, and the cane slashes down as the film ends.

If you like harsh, erotic ritual punishment, you will watch this film in segments and return often.

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