Rural Headmaster – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

6 Jun

M/2f; year: 2002; time: 27 minutes

Apparently THE first RIGIDEAST production, RGE-1, containing the elements of the wonderful lechery of ageplay corporal punishment and humiliation so well exploited in future films. ‘Mr. Gurt,’ a retired schoolmaster, has young girls referred to him at his village residence  for discipline. Here he deals with two of them; he gets right to it, and the girls seems to know what is expected of them.

A tall thin blonde arrives at the door, an actress who made several more RGE films. With little fanfare (or if there was, we didn’t understand the language), she undresses, slowly and hesitantly, down to just a set of full blue knickers. Gurt forces her over the table and handspanks, not hard, but the action is very intimidating. Gurt fondles her bare breasts as he spanks. The girl accepts this indignity as part of the experience of being sent here.

The blonde drags her own knickers down with resignation and Gurt fondles and probes his naked trophy. She is helpless and hangs her head. Gurt takes her OTK and continues the bare bottom spanking.

The doorbell rings and a very appealing pigtailed redhead enters. Tight scheduling by Mr. Gurt. We wish he would slow down and zone in on one client at a time. The redhead sees the naked girl in the throes of her spanking, but we assume she knew what this visit was all about. She is put in a corner, where she peeks at the ceremony. Gurt continues to spank, fondle, and probe.

Gurt finishes with the blonde for now and will start on the redhead. He helps her pull her sun dress over her head to expose a simple camisole and flowered panties. Off with the simple cover–pervy Mr. Gurt is fascinated with her young breasts. She takes the festive panties off herself and faces us quite naked, looking into the camera, nervously surrendering the panties to Gurt. Nice subjugation, carried to artistic heights as the films roll out from this studio.

While she stands, the schoolmaster uses the donut-shaped wood paddle. She screams at the first stroke and soon the telltale red circles with white centers appear. Frontal closeups.

The blonde is called out again and forced into the ‘bridge’  or ‘lunge’ position for a light strapping. The really nasty spankings occur later in time at RIGIDEAST.He’s got two naked students going now. Redhead again, diaper position on a daybed for a light caning and plenty of the young lady’s charms on display. Onto her stomach, pillows under her hips, bottom elevated full screen, she screams and jumps at the cane shots.

The redhead seeks the ‘alternate way’ and hesitantly opens and fishes in the schoolmaster’s pants. Guess she’s heard that if you get on your knees you might escape with a lighter punishment.  This scene is not consummated. A slow dressing scene, the girls are sent off with certificates of completion. You wonder if they’ll be examined when they return to school.

2 Responses to “Rural Headmaster – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST”

  1. Mork June 2, 2019 at 6:48 pm #

    Thanks for the beautiful review. It is startling… Do you/ Does sb. possibly know the name of the blonde tall school-girl model in the movie? Thank you anyway….

    • spankingfilmreview June 2, 2019 at 11:52 pm #

      Thanks for reading. Three of us write these reviews. Thousands now. Lupus’ website often identified the names of the models. Their site might still survive.

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