The Double Trouble – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

6 Jun

M/2f; year: 2010; time: 38 minutes

A startling entry from Lupus, a well-articulated schoolgirl spanking coupled with explicit sex. The opening scene is very British–two fully uniformed young schoolgirls wait nervously outside a master’s office. They wear charcoal gray jackets and skirts, blouses, neckties, and knee socks.

A tall thin and cute pigtailed blonde is called in first by a youngish balding shadow-bearded schoolmaster. He might be the headmaster, but as you read on, we doubt this is his title. This saucy little student seems to know the drill. She bends over the desk, the master flips up her skirt and pulls down her white panties and begins spanking with a T-square ruler. The second blond student outside listens to the squeals  through the door.

The pigtailed blonde is sent outside, rubbing her bottom and is given some sympathy by the second blond student, who is then called in, understanding exactly what is expected. She proceeds to take off ALL her clothes, smiles knowingly, and bends over the desk, presenting a beautiful solid bottom and powerful thighs.

After a brief and almost playful handspanking, the girl drops to her knees and very knowledgeably unfastens the Head’s pants and pulls down his undershorts. He holds his arms out of the way in compliance. She begins a very slow and skillful blowjob, which is filmed from the obligatory angles, including one shot from over his shoulder and down his front, to catch the blonde looking up at him for approval as she pumps away. Let’s just say that the school official was quite ready for this, and this naughty student is quite comfortable on her knees.

The young lady is not finished. She lies over the desk and the Head fucks her from behind, quite thoroughly rams her, and smacks her bottom for good measure, in a scene which is an actualization of a desire we might have with a naked student and a desk. No consummation here, because our professor is not finished filming for the day.

FADE to these silly girls sneaking a smoke and prattling in the bathroom, while one pees on the toilet. They speak in Czech, but surely the subject is the length and girth of the Head. The pigtailed blonde is caught with her cigarette and marched to the Head’s office. She laughs as she arrives, knowing it is now her turn.

Pigtails slowly undresses to total nudity and shows a powerful figure, warm round bottom, plenty of frontal. Over the desk for a little warmup, but she is quickly on her knees, he has his erect cock already in-hand and she begins a spirited b.j. He squeezes her admirable boobs and slaps at her buttocks as she sucks vigorously, wild-eyed. Full scale porn, filmed by someone who knows how to do it.

Onto and over the desk, a brief doggie-style poke, then she sits on the desk, naked legs splayed, for a standing fuck, opened up for a good camera view. She kneels on the floor and he completes his business in her face in a prototypical money shot, a scene we wondered if they could pull off.

A breif concluding scene shows the other blonde getting another spanking for her part of the smoking. OTK, he takes her pants down and sets her to yelling under his hand. No translation required.

We thoroughly enjoyed this infrequent mixture of corporal punishment and hard sex. The fetishes of ageplay and male authority domination are challenged, but we appreciated the fantasy fulfillment.

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