Justice at St. Judas – SPANKAHOLICS

8 Jun

M/f; year: 2005; time: 31 minutes

A  sequel to ‘Going For Gold,’ featuring the same actress Chantelle Morgan facing her bare-bottom perils at St Judas Sports College. The scene opens with her running through rural landscape in skimpy exercise gear, similar to scenes in Cheek-to-Cheek sports-theme films from the 1990’s. Chantelle stops for a smoke.

Then a sudsy bathtub scene, another protyypical setup in a spanking film. Chantelle keeps her legs together and a knee up for modesty, giving just a flash. Another smoke in the tub.

A third scene, Chantelle is studying at a desk and smokes again. She is caught by a young male instructor, Mr. Wiseman, who is offended by her smoking and her poor athletic performance. She doesn’t have “that edge” when she performs. Wiseman will change that.

Wiseman tells Chantelle Mr. Mills (her antagonist in ‘Going For Gold’) has been “too severe.” “You will learn to like the punishment….pain will soon become a friend.” Chantelle wears the same outfit as in the first film–T-shirt, skirt, knee socks.

He starts her OTK with a spirited handspanking. The stunning young brunette, this time with her hair up off her white neck, is quiet and compliant. She stands, pulls down her panties, and settles back down. He strokes her thighs. “This is what you need.” “Yes, sir.” Lovely facials, her bottom starts to blotch and she begins to squirm.

Next phase: she kneels on a chair and leans over onto a desk, presenting her buttocks. Wiseman has a ping-pong bat, “A hundred.” “…what?” she quavers. He smacks hard on alternate cheeks in sets of ten as she counts. This session, and its 100 stroke counterpart in the first movie, are some of the longest and hardest paddlings we’ve seen. Ms. Morgan is pretty brave.

Wiseman takes up a long martinet, which he uses mostly to tease her. “Open your legs.” The whip licks and explores mildly in sensitive places. “Nice, isn’t it?” “Yes, sir.” To conclude, Wiseman increases the intensity to include the full swings which takes her breath away.

“Prepare yourself for the Academy caning…completely undressed.” She pulls off her skimpy undershirt and drops the panties parked at her knees. A simple, un-enhanced, youthful body, appealing, innocent, and realistic. 15 cane strokes, an unhappy face.

Wiseman may not be as ‘severe’ as Mills, but he is the very devil anyway. He slowly oils her mottled bottom.

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