Police Story -Drug Patrol – PAIN4FEM

8 Jun

MF/2f; time: 1 hour plus

A predictably harsh product from P4F, flawless in technique, but lacking the slightly sardonic self-effacing view of the spanking scene we enjoy so much in British and some European producers. Actor/producer/creator/machine mechanic Peter S. and a female assistant play drug enforcement officers who jump two smarmy girls in a park and bring them to the station house for interrogation.

The girls are separated. A redhead will be taken first–she must strip naked; the police examine her with rubber gloves; she has a firm, tight body; tattoos, and she should not answer  schoolgirl casting calls any longer. The blonde is called in next–blue eyes and somewhat more innocent in demeanor. She strips also and provides plenty of eye candy, ‘voluptuous’ might pertain. No drugs found either. She is allowed to redress.

So Peter and his female associate will whip these girls until someone talks. The blonde is fastened face down fully dressed on a punishment table, a featured piece of furniture in the room. Wrists and ankles cuffed, chains rattle, a bolster under her hips, she is ready! Peter rucks up her tarty denim skirt to expose a solid handful of a bottom. Peter cuts away her thong with scissors, a form of subjugation we wish were used more often.

He takes up a cane and starts with full swings at this target stretched and elevated in front of him. At a pause after five strokes, the welts brighten as we watch. 15 more strokes–the female associate keeps questioning her, but she holds fast.

Peter steps to a wash basin and mixes a spray bottle with something and spritzes her bare bottom. If the liquid is meant to be an irritant, the blonde is only mildly uncomfortable. Almost 25 more strokes on her wet bottom. No  confession. She is released and returned to a cell.

The redhead is brought back, stripped again, and the cuffs fastened. She sits naked and apprehensively on the end of the table, while the police adjust vertical arms on the table. We can see what is coming and she pretends she does not know. After her wrists are fastened and she is on her back, the police grab her legs and throw them over her head and fasten her ankles high to the posts. A bolster is placed under her back and we are ready for both a protology and gynocology class.

Peter smacks her stretched inner thighs and hardened tight buttocks with what looks like a large kitchen spoon. The redhead is tough for a few strokes but soon is squawking. Angry red marks. More rubber gloves; Peter prepares an enema cannister. They grease the nozzle and the female guard inserts it, a little too quickly. We would have enjoyed just a bit of difficulty.

When the cannister is empty, the nozzle comes out; again, slower would have been better! She is escorted to the toilet, drugs are found, back to the table, face down for the cane!

Once her bottom is bolstered, she receives almost 35 strokes. When her bottom is squirted with the spray bottle, she sets up the twitching discomfort we were hoping for. Peter switches to a heavy cane, almost a broom handle, which creates quite a different cry, and although we don’t understand the language, it appears she gave up what they wanted to know.

She is returned naked to her cell. Peter surrepticiously pockets a few of the secreted capsules, and the two cops begin the vigil for the next capture.

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