Sub Auditions Volume 1 – SPANKAHOLICS

8 Jun

2M/2f; year: 2006; time: 41 minutes

The most simple of plot vehicles: make a CP film about girls being auditioned to make a spanking film. Or this theme:  audition girls in off-hours to perform in CP clubs.

The first audition is underway. A good-looking brunette is chained naked and strung up to a stripper’s pole, willingly for her audition. The club owner handspanks her as she shifts about. “Stop winghing…this is what the customers want.”  The guy grabs great handfuls of breast and generally manhandles her and she accepts the process. He teases her with a riding crop and fondles.

He releases the girl’s wrists so that she can bend double for what he calls “Catholic schoolgirl punishment.” Despite his mild hits with a very thick cane, he must have found somethng with that very nasty implement. “You fucking bastard,” she shouts.

The second audition: a pale and shy brunette walks into the darkened bar, where a guy with tools works on something. “You look a bit young,” he obsereves, and asks for a demonstration dance at the stripper’s pole. Since these films are mostly about bottoms, she takes her panties off and wiggles her tush and close shave.

The brunette stands on a rough stage, still without pants, and the owner teases with a tawse. He has her take off her top to be naked, then he turns up the tempo somewhat with a large martinet. Grunts turns to squeals. When she is bent over he vitrually masturbates her with the handle of the martinet. “Is this normal?” she asks weakly. “Not really.”

Hands-on-knees for the cane. “You really want this job?” “Yes.” The last instrument is unique–a birch bundle about 4′ long, about broom-length, with about 10 pencil-thin birch twigs in the wrap. It makes a fearsome whir, and the girl’s gasps provide enough entertainment to sustain a few videos. The twigs cover a lot of cheek, and we guess this hurt a bit more than they intended. At the conclusion he creams her bottom with tender care and allows her a slow creaming rub of her own.

In walks the club owner, the guy who chained the first girl. This young lady has just been had by the club handyman! We recommend the process be repeated to verify her capabilities, but they should surely hire her.


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