Marriage Guidance – MOONGLOW

9 Jun

M/f; year: 1998; time: 49 minutes

Another ‘oldie,’ only insofar as the CP genre has changed so much due to online distribution vs. physical videos/DVD’s. Here is a simple plot–couples in a social setting where one of the women ends up getting spanked as the entertainment during the course of the evening. We recall some similar NU-WEST plots, a very old CALSTAR where the couples play a dice game to see who gets spanked, and some spouse swapping samples. Parlor games for female bottoms.

Eric and Louise dine at Jim and Amanda’s house. Brunette-helmeted Amanda is rude, bitchy, and insulting to husband Jim even in front of friends. While Amanda is out of the room, Eric and Louise suggest a  good spanking as a solution to this sort of marital problem.

After coffee, Jim grabs Amanda, announces things are changing and starts an ineffectual OTK spanking on her short red skirt. She struggles and prevents any real action. Visitor Eric grabs her to show how “To do it properly,” getting her kneeling on a coffee table and spanks much harder. Husband Jim retakes command. Skirt up. “How dare you!” “I won’t just pull up your skirt, I’ll pull your knickers down.”  The spanking continues, silly so far, while Eric and Louise hold her still.

At a break, Amanda stands and slaps Jim. He is not making much progress with her. Eric sends wife Louise to their car–like most good Britains, he travels with his spanoing implements. She returns with an armload of paddles and canes. Eric wrestles Amanda back onto the table and will demonstrate with a strap on her skirt. She struggles–they are going to get cord to tie her down, but she consents not to struggle any more. Jim takes over, “We’re only just starting.”

She is without knickers now and conditions are worsening. She is sent to get a straight chair. Jacket off, bundled skirt off, Amanda is losing her fire. The tawse over the back of the chair–good closeups, pauses for rubbing.

Shoes off, top pulled overhead, she is now naked in her living room in front of her fully clothed friends and husband. From the look of her, in just stockings and garter belt, with a wide feminine perfectly formed hard bottom, both men should be adjusting their pants. More strapping at the chair. Guest Louise sits and flexes the waiting cane.

At the 28 minute mark, Jim is handed the cane. Amanda: “How many am I going to get?” Over 40 strokes are shown–moderate, short, solid, and slow; facials, closeups, perspectives from several spots and therefore repeats. Very pretty wiggling complaining bottom.

Almost 10 minutes into the caning sequence, Jim breaks off the rattan tip, Louise goes off-screen and returns with another. A whole new caning sequence begins, 25 more strokes filmed the same way. After a full 15 minutes of this segment, she is finished. There are only a few marks noticeable, but it has been a sensible caning in that life must go on in this house.

Amanda dresses painfully in front of their friends, Eric and Louise leave, and Amanda asks sweetly, “Please put cream on my bottom.” “Of course, of course.”

“I can’t wait to get upstairs to bed, darling.” Amanda jumps on Jim.

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