The Long Arm of the Law – REDSTRIPE

9 Jun

M/2f; year: 1996; time: 35 minutes

Actress ‘Monica’ or ‘Rachel” plays the character Michelle in this little ditty about discipline at the office. The film might have been called ‘Legal Secretaries’ at one time, which would have avoided confusion with ShadowLane’s “Long Arm of the Law,” an entertaining nudie romp, where a police officer chases a naked streaking girl into her house, spanks her, then drops his shorts and consummates the spanking in an infrequent conclusion to a CP film. Maybe the British legal community didn’t like the image of Senior Partners keeping paddles and canes on their premises for instructing the bottoms of their employees. But we like the fantasy.

Paralegal Julie and solicitor-associate Michelle accept spankings from Mr. Burse for having failed to properly seach title on a property conveyance, given the alternative of being fired.

Female bottom spanking is not unknown in his office. Julie knows where he keeps the implements. The girls take their handspanking, strapping, and caning more or less in stride, although it does sound like Julie tries to bribe with sexual favors when she begs: “Please, sir, I’ll do anything.”

When it’s Michelles’ turn, her protstations not to be punished in front of a clerk adds greatly to the humilaition. Burse has wandering hands. After his handspanking heT fondles: “Hmm, a bit of temperature here.”

The moment we liked best in Michelle’s comeuppance: “There is still the matter of the cane…if you’re to become a partner.” As she positions herself, hands-on-chair, Bruse reminds her she knows the posture to assume. She admits she has done this “many times.”

Poor Michelle, her bottom will always be an available distraction in the halls of this law practice.

At the conclusion of her twenty cane strokes, taken and counted aloud bravely with no repeats we could detect, she seems to break and burst into real tears, to the extent the scene was cut. She asks if she now will be made Partner, “We”ll see,” says cad Burse.



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