Three Women Over the Box – NUWEST NWV-359

9 Jun

2M/3f; year: 1999; time: 24 minutes

The ever inventive master disciplinarian Ed Lee in another wonderful spanking episode, combining sardonic domination, ritual discipline, and humorous interplay. Three women sit in the blue studio, in front of  ‘The Box.’ Ed and apprentice Bart will paddle the three girls for various offenses.

The Box is about the size of a fattened personal refrigerator, its top waist-high, cocked at a slight angle and sitting on a firm, unrockable base. The supplicant lies across its top, her bottom at the high end, and reaches over to hold onto its legs. Perfect exposure, placing the spankable bottom immobile at a swing-height equivalent to T-ball for a little league ball player, except this is the big show.

The “three little bad girls” are dressed realistically in street clothes. Ed selects a blonde first, in a short red dress. She has been peeling out on the driveway in a car Ed got for her. Ed shows Bart how the girl is fastened with a strap across her back. Ed uses a wood paddle half the width of the traditional fraternity variety and thick enough to get quick attention.

A few cracks on her skirt, then skirt up to expose beige panties, garter belt and stockings. Ed illustrates how to paddle each buttock. But, “on the bare, that’s the only way to do it,”  and down come the panties. The scene is filmed so the cringing faces of the two waiting girls are in the background of the paddling. “Where are you being paddled?” “On my bare bottom, sir.”

Ed selects the second girl, a brunette (and the future star NU-WEST  model Joanne). “See how she goes over the box without being told?…she talks back, all the time,” says Ed. He paddles her the same way, on the dress, then the transparent black panties, then on the bare.

Bart gets to try the third girl, who is wearing a short blue dress, white panties, and white heels. She has borrowed Bart’s car and taken too long. Bart seems to paddle a tad harder than Ed. The men must fasten the girl’s wrists because she can’t resist reaching back to cover herself. Bart bunches her pants but never pulls them down. Ed takes over, taking pleasure in knowing how embarrassing it is for a girl to be spanked by someone other than her boyfriend.

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